*LATEST* Company of Heroes 3 COUNTDOWN - release date, time, and more

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Company of Heroes 3 is releasing in the next few days and the community are excited.

This will be the first time the game will also be launched on the console! The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S will get this new game.

However, there are also some limitations with the console version as Sega has confirmed that the game won't be crossplay.

But, the new addition of the console means that the game series is as accessible as ever.

With the release date coming up soon, it won't be long until the community can get back in gear.

So, let's look at a countdown for the release of Company of Heroes 3 and the release date and time too.

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*LATEST* Release Times Revealed

The release times for Company of Heroes 3 have now been revealed by Relic Entertainment.

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Company of Heroes 3 COUNTDOWN

Company of Heroes 3 COUNTDOWN

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Company of Heroes 3 Release Date

Company of Heroes 3 will release on February 23 2023.

This was after a delay of 6 days as the game was not yet ready for release.

With just a few days until the release on the Xbox, Playstation, and PC, there is no time like the present to pre-order.

Players can pre-order the game on Steam for the PC or the Xbox or Playstation store for the console version.

As a game specialised for a more realistic version of military strategy, players are ready to get into some more realistic warfare.

Release Time

We now know the full set of release times for Company of Heroes 3 for the PC.

However, the console version of the game will not be released until a little later.

So, we are still waiting for information on the release times for the console version.

But, until that time, here are the release times for Company of Heroes 3 on the PC.

  • PST: 10 AM 2/23
  • EST: 1 PM 2/23
  • BRT: 3 PM 2/23
  • GMT: 6 PM 2/23
  • CET: 7 PM 2/23
  • SAST: 8 PM 2/23
  • GST: 10 PM 2/23
  • CST: 2 AM 2/24
  • KST: 3 AM 2/24
  • AEDT: 5 AM 2/24

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