Clash of Clans Hammer Jam event returns

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Clash of Clans has sat atop the mobile gaming throne for many years now, still seeing millions of players log on each month.

Supercell keeps players coming back by providing regular updates.

Here is everything you need to know about the Hammer Jam event.

Release Date

The Hammer Jam event began on March 31st and will run until April 12th, giving players another week to take part in it.

What To Expect

During the event, players will be able to maximize their building levels, troop levels, and spells, among others things with 50% reduced time and cost.

This means that the cost to build new things, add troops, performs upgrades etc will cost 50% less to do and complete 50% quicker, a huge win win.

This is the perfect chance to build up your base and army.

This new event will be the perfect segway into the upcoming April update which will introduce Town Hall 14.

April Update Release Date

Leaks have started appearing ahead of the new update and they claim that the April update will be released on April 16th.

Clash of Clashs Town Hall 14 Teaser
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What To Expect In The April Update

The April 2021 update should add some new troops and building options to the game.

These will help keep combat interesting and also provide some more things for players to work towards.

There will also be the usual fixes and adjustments made to the game to keep it balanced.

Town Hall 14

The appearance of Town Hall 14 has been leaked on Reddit, check it out below.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Reddit Leak
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About Clash of Clans

Answer the call of the mustache! Join the international fray that is Clash of Clans. Customize your village, build an army and crush your opponents. Like using friendship to strike fear into your enemies? Join a Clan, or establish a Clashing legacy by creating your own. The choice is yours in this millions-strong community of Barbarians. Download for free and Clash on, Chief!

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