How To Play Chivalry With Friends - Invites, Crossplay and More

Chivalry 2 has just launched with tonnes of players and even more hype. Unfortunately, with so many players comes unique issues with the server and the game itself. Some have even found themselves unable to invite their friends.

Here's everything we know about it.

How to Invite Friends in Chivalry 2

Once you've booted up the game, you will have to play a tutorial. Play through this - it actually teaches some valuable skills. After this, you should be brought to the main menu of the game.

On-screen, you should see a handful of modes as well as the "Play", "New & Info", "Armoury", and "Setting" tabs.

Down in the bottom right hand corner should be an option to invite friends. Click on this to invite friends from the same platform as you.

Inviting Friends on Different Platforms & Crossplay

While inviting friends on the same platform is easy, cross-platform parties aren't so lucky. You will have to stick to parties on your platform for now.

There is currently no way of inviting friends from a different platform just yet. This is an issue that Tornbanner are planning on changing in the future but we have no confirmation of time yet.

The only way to play against friends on other platforms is by accidentally coming across them in-game, an incredibly rare opportunity.

"Current User Does Not Have Multiplayer Privileges" Error

This has been a very common issue over the last day and it hasn't been fixed yet. This being said, a few players have reported fixes.

If you have this issue, try to restart the platform you're playing on and maybe reset your internet.

Some players have also reported that signing out of their account has worked but we can't verify this right now. We will update here when we have some form of concrete fix for this issue.

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