Cadence of Hyrule 1.5.0: Release date, Patch notes, New Features

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Candence of Hyrule, for Nintendo Switch, just got its latest set of patch notes with the update 1.5.0.

Keep reading to find out everything we know about the update.

Release Date

On a blog post, Brace Yoursef Games release all the information about the update.
The new update is available today, 28 of January 2021. It is a big update, with new features, design changes and several bug fixes.

TEAM EFFORT: You must save Hyrule from the enchanted music
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TEAM EFFORT: You must save Hyrule from the enchanted music


  • Added a new page of save files, for a total of 6
  • Added a “random” option to the soundtrack select screen
  • Wipe the leaderboards

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  • The player is prevented from changing state when picking up an item while holding out a spear or longsword (for Spearmaster achievement)
  • Changed to center the camera on the player after Impa uses her teleport ability
  • Changed to prevent all damage to the player on the beat they use a healing item (direct or indirect use)
  • Added an extra beat where Aria cannot be killed by another missed beat immediately after taking damage from a missed beat and being saved by a fairy/potion
  • Remove some useless items from Aria’s item pool: Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Protection, Battle Torch, Greaves
  • Changed Scroll of Need to allow it to give Aria/Yves a fairy when they have an empty bottle
  • Changed Wizzroboe to make the rapid-swipe attack less punishing when the player is playing as Aria
  • Removed Ring of Stealth from Arena Mode
  • Changed Ring of Stealth aggro radius from 3 to 4
  • Changed Boots of Leaping to wear out more quickly, and ensure the player can have this item at most once per game
  • Changed frozen/stunned statuses to allow the player to keep the beat
  • Added some guaranteed heart drops in Deku Village

LINK!: Help Link defeat the enemies!
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LINK!: Help Link defeat the enemies!


  • Fixed an issue with the Future World music track where the beat was slightly desynced from the music
  • Fixed a bug that allowed bosses to damage the player on the same beat they were defeated
  • Fixed a bug that allowed enemies to damage the player on the same beat the player completed a wire puzzle in the puzzle dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where Quick Restart after defeat in co-op permadeath or arena mode would cause the next game to submit to the wrong leaderboard
  • Fixed a bug where some boss patterns could be desynced from the audio after the song had looped
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Shopkeeper to unfairly hit the player in the Temple of Brainstorms
  • Fixed a bug that could cause buried enemies in Arena mode to unfairly hit the player as they were dug out
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent enemies from dropping basic shovels/torches in dungeons when a shovel or torch was for sale in a shop
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to spawn on the Zelda start area in Hyrule Castle, even if they were not playing as Zelda
  • Fixed a bug where helper characters frozen in ice blocks in the Ganon battle could be damaged by bombs
  • Fixed a bug where Synthrova attacks would not be cancelled if the player destroyed the wire performing the attack just prior to the attack
  • Fixed a bug where bombs thrown by an enemy Shopkeeper would not damage the player
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to enter portals as Shopkeeper when in Ghost form
  • Fixed a crash in the final phase of the Skull Ganon fight (caused by invalid animation frames on the Triforce sparkle effects)
  • Fixed a crash caused by defeating Synthrova and having the player die on the same beat
  • Fixed a crash in dungeon mode generation with certain seeds
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