Alan Wake Remastered is Confirmed and Release Date announced

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Back in June, rumours of an Alan Wake remaster begun thanks to code found in the Epic Game Store. These stories are now confirmed as the game has been officially announced.

Remedy has all but confirmed that it is working on a sequel to the cult classic title too. The remaster will bring that game looking and playing better than ever.

BREAKING - Release Date Announced

As expected, Alan Wake Remastered is due for release on 5 October 2021. This lines up with the Rakuten Taiwan leak last week and was confirmed during the PlayStation Showcase.

Alan Wake Remastered Confirmed

Remedy and Sam Lake have confirmed that Alan Wake Remastered is on its way and near completion. In an open leter from the studio head, he gushes over his love for the IP and joy at bringing it back.

While no release date is confirmed, it was leaked that 5 October is currently the planned date. It will release on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC.

Is Alan Wake Remastered coming soon?

According to a listing on the Rakuten Taiwanese store found by @Wario64, Alan Wake Remastered exists and will release on Tuesday, 5 October. It is listed for the Xbox Series X, PS5 and PS4. Due to the way physical Xbox games are presented, it would be available for all Xbox consoles, not just the Series X.

Video game reporter @ZhugeEX then chimed in to add that it would be officially revealed next week. This would suggest that it will be part of the PlayStation showcase event on Thursday, 9 September.

It's unknown if the reveal will come as a standalone or as part of a wider announcement of Alan Wake 2. Given that Remedy has typically worked a lot closer with Microsoft and Xbox, you would have to assume that reveal would be saved for them. Stranger things have happened though!

The 'Other' Leak

Alongside the leak of Alan Wake Remastered on the Epic Game Store, it was also revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake was sitting in the store too. This strengthens the rumours that it is coming to PC before the end of 2021.

Sony has allowed multiple other titles to be ported across from console to PC recently and even acquired Nexon studio who specialise in this porting technology. It remains to be seen whether the FF VII Remake announcement will also be made during the showcase.

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