AEW Fight Forever could be 'one and done,' reportedly 'way over budget'

There has been a flurry of AEW Fight Forever news with gameplay footage and roster details, but one new report indicates development has had major issues.

We've got all the details on why AEW Fight Forever might be a "one and done" release for AEW Games.

Kenny Omega reportedly 'hating' working with Yuke's

For the last few days, excitement has started to bubble up about the eventual release of AEW Fight Forever, which is currently slated for September 2022.

We've gotten confirmation on multiple new AEW Fight Forever roster members and gotten a glimpse at new gameplay footage.

However, things might not be quite as positive as they appear according to a new report by Mike Straw of SGO.

Straw has previously reported about the development of Madden 22 and WWE 2K22, and his latest on AEW signals some potentially major friction at play.

Kenny Omega has been heavily involved with the development of AEW Fight Forever, which was confirmed by Fightful Select.

According to Fightful, Omega taking time off from the ring around the time development needed to pick up was a "happy accident," and they said he'd gone "above and beyond" to help with development.

However, the reporting by SGO indicates Omega has been frustrated and "hating" working with Yuke's on AEW Fight Forever.

Furthermore, they had one source state there were times it felt like Yuke's was trying to "take advantage" of Omega, who doesn't have experience at this level of development.

AEW Fight Forever could be 'one and done' and is 'over budget'

The SGO report went on to state that there's been plenty of disagreement over the game's direction and development, including the fact that it's now "way over budget" and required additional financial investment to continue.

The budgetary problems may interfere with the amount of features in the game being altered, and both SGO and Fightful confirmed the roster will be only about 50 wrestlers at launch.

There's further disagreement on the possibility of future DLC to expand the roster with things seemingly at a standstill.

AEW Fight Forever
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Yuke's is apparently pushing for a concrete long-term agreement to make future titles in addition to AEW Fight Forever before they'll commit to a DLC plan, and AEW doesn't seem ready to make that move.

With the tensions continuing to rise, SGO reported people on both sides believe this game could be "one and done" between AEW and Yuke's, but that there is still hope.

At this point the decision seems to rest entirely with AEW, as Yuke's is ready to sign on for a long-term plan, but the company seems understandably nervous about the situation.

Only time will tell, but one big decider may be whether Yuke's owns the rights to the engine used to make AEW Fight Forever, as without it AEW would be basically back at square one for any potential sequel without them.

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