100 Thieves developing its own game codenamed “Project X”

Popular esports organization 100 Thieves has announced that they are delving into the video game development world with a new project codenamed "Project X."

100 Thieves developing a new video game

Revealed via a YouTube video with 100 Thieves' CEO, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, and President John Robinson, the organization is expanding its already wide variety of endeavors by jumping into the video game space.

They will be doing so with a project dubbed "Project X", which according to Haag and Robinson will be a collaborative effort that will take feedback and information from their talent such as content creators, esports teams, and others working at the company.

“It was always such a struggle where I’d be playing some of my favorite games and I’d be waiting for the sequel and these studios just sit in the dark for three years,” Haag stated in the announcement video. “There’s just no process where you feel connected to the development of that video game.”

100 Thieves Project X
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Credit: 100 Thieves
CREATORS: 100 Thieves has talented lineup of content creators

Due to the game being in its early stages, definitive information on this title is very slim but they plan to give game development a new twist utilizing their own resources.

What genre will Project X be?

Not much information pertaining to Project X's genre and the concept was given, as 100 Thieves' higher-ups only focused on the idea beginning to take shape.

However, in lieu of this undertaking, the Robinson announced that they welcomed Chief Product Officer, Peter Hawley, to help design the title. Hawley has run the gauntlet in the video game industry, having worked on games such as Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet, Fable, Killzone, and more with his last contributions as a CEO and CPO for Telltale Games and Mythical Games.

The new Chief Product Officer will bring tons of experience in knowledge for 100 Thieves in this new project.

The genre of Project X could certainly lean towards a more FPS-heavy or Battle Royale revolving idea seeing Haag's roots as a professional Call of Duty player. We'll have to see what 100 Thieves will be cooking up for Project X.

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