Madden NFL 2019 Championship Series approaches kick-off

(Photo credit: EA Sports)

With Madden 19 being released imminently, EA Sports have also announced the next season of the Championship Series for the game.

The Madden NFL 2019 Championship Series (MCS) is set to be the largest competition in the game’s history, as competitive Madden continues to grow at an exceptional pace, with ESPN telecasting the tournaments across its range of networks. 

All 32 NFL teams are involved in the series for a second consecutive year, with the action commencing on August 7, the same day as the Madden NFL 19 Hall of Fame Edition launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The standard edition is available worldwide on August 10. 

The commitment of the NFL teams makes it to the only North American sports league to commit all its franchises to competitive gaming. 

What’s new for 19?

EA SportsThe new MCS features a 60% increase in tournaments with more to be added throughout the season, a serious rise in MCS live event qualification spots spearheaded by the 500-plus entry Madden NFL 19 Classic format, an extended season with competition occurring now through late spring 2019 and the showpiece Super Bowl LIII-timed Madden NFL 19 Club Championship with the $700,000 prize-pool, the largest in Madden’s 30-year history.

The Madden NFL 19 gameplay enhancements like the all-new Real Player Motion system ensures the on-screen competitors move and behave like NFL athletes in how they tackle, block, run and cut, making the game even more authentic.

Todd Sitrin, senior vice president and general manager of the EA Competitive Gaming Division said: “Last year a record 3 million players competed in the MCS and the Madden NFL 18 Challenge was the number one rated 2017 esports broadcast in North America.”

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