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01 Feb 2017

Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: London Relocation Team Guide

  Stadium Type Number of Seats Number of Suites Total Cost ($) Weekly Cost ($) Stadium Funding 
Basic 66,00025000.75 Billion0.78 Million50%
Deluxe 66,00040001 Billion1.28 Million38%
Basic 70,00025000.85 Billion0.98 Million44%
Deluxe 70,00050001.35 Billion1.98 Million28%
Basic 67,00030000.80 Billion0.88 Million47%
Deluxe 67,00045001 Billion1.28 Million38%
Basic 69,00020000.70 Billion0.68 Million54%
Deluxe 69,00045001.15 Billion1.58 Million33%
Basic 72,00025000.71 Billion0.7 Million53%
Deluxe 72,00060001.18 Billion1.63 Million32%

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