Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: Houston Relocation Team Guide

Do you want to move your Madden NFL 17 Team to Houston? Here are all the details you need to know.

by Remy Cabache

If you’re a fan of the Madden franchise and you have, or do, play a lot of Franchise Mode, you’ll know that you’ll have the chance to relocate your franchise to a different city, or even country, if you are playing as an owner. Here at RealSport we have a guide on exactly how to relocate your franchise and some helpful tips. In that guide there are 18 places that you can relocate to, well here is a detailed guide to moving to one of those cities: Houston.

Once you have picked Houston during the first stage of the relocation, you’ll have to choose your team’s new branding from four different options.

The first option is to keep your original teams name, logo, colors and uniforms.

The second option is bringing back the original Houston NFL team, the Houston Oilers. The logo is exactly the same and the colors are too. This is the clear option for former Oilers fans and NFL purists.

The third option is ‘The Gunners’. It’s a pretty cool logo and the colors work well. This may be a good option if you’re an Arsenal FC fan…

The fourth and final option is ‘The Voyagers’. As the description says, this harkens to NASA and Houston’s link to space travel and exploration. Again, it’s a pretty cool logo and the color scheme is something new.

Now that you’ve picked your team’s nranding you get to choose your new uniforms, unless you chose to retain your original branding. You will have three design options no matter which new Branding you choose.






In my opinion the choice is easy, it has to be the Oilers. Not only do you get to bring the original Houston team back to the city but they have the nicest uniforms too, especially if you select the classic option. Even if you don’t pick the classic version you can put a modern spin on the color scheme.

Having picked the uniform you will move onto the final stage of your relocation the following week: choosing a stadium. You will have the same choices as you would if you had relocated to any other city. You will be given a choice of 5 designs of stadium: Canopy, Futuristic, Hybrid, Sphere or Traditional. Each design of stadium then has two options: Basic or Deluxe. The Basic stadiums have Level 2 (of 5) facilities (Seating, Car Park, Toilets, Merchandise, Fan Zone, Food) and the Deluxe Stadiums have Level 5 facilities. Apart from that level difference the stadiums look the same. Nevertheless, here is all the information you need about all of the stadium options in Houston.

  Stadium Type Number of Seats Number of Suites Total Cost ($) Weekly Cost ($) Stadium Funding 
Basic   66,000 2500 0.75 Billion 0.78 Million 48%
Deluxe   66,000 4000 1 Billion 1.28 Million 36%
Basic   70,000 2500 0.85 Billion 0.98 Million 42%
Deluxe   70,000 5000 1.35 Billion 1.98 Million 26%
Basic   67,000 3000 0.80 Billion 0.88 Million 45%
Deluxe   67,000 4500 1 Billion 1.28 Million 36%
Basic   69,000 2000 0.70 Billion 0.68 Million 51%
Deluxe   69,000 4500 1.15 Billion 1.58 Million 31%
Basic   72,000 2500 0.71 Billion 0.70 Million 50%
Deluxe   72,000 6000 1.18 Billion 1.63 Million  30%

Even though the Deluxe stadiums are all pretty expensive, they are among the cheapest Deluxe stadiums according to city. In fact, they are just a few percent more expensive than if you moved to London. That should make Houston a pretty popular destination and it also means you could look to move to Houston pretty early in your career.

Will you be moving your team to Houston? Let us know in the comments below!

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