Madden 22: The NFL is rumoured to be coming to Game Pass this month

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The Super Bowl is over, the LA Rams are the champions, the season is over... or is it?

While the real-life football season may be done and dusted, the virtual football season is about to get a new lease of life.

Madden 22 is set to become available for free for Xbox Game Pass members, so keep an eye out this month.

In the action

Madden 22 is set to be named as one of the Xbox Game Pass titles this month, according to @nibellion on Twitter.

There is no release date confirmed just yet, but the dates are similar to when we saw Madden 21 arrive on Game Pass last year.

Madden 22 will be available to all EA Play members across all consoles, so fans will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership (or Game Pass for PC) to be granted access.

The regular Xbox Game Pass for consoles does not include an EA Play membership, so therefore will not have access to Madden 22.

Coming soon

Other games arriving on Game Pass this month include Warhammer 3, Roboquest, and Galactic Civilizations.

As you can see from the tweet above, Warhammer 3 will become available on Thursday, 17 February.

We are yet to see any release dates for the other games, but another sports game in Super Mega Baseball 3 will also be added to the list.

With both Madden 22 and Super Mega Baseball 3 arriving, American sports fans will have plenty to get stuck into this month.

February Game Pass

These are the games confirmed for Game Pass this month:

Edge of Eternity (Console) - February 10th

Finally releasing on console, this handcrafted JRPG is made by a small team and managed to deliver a pretty impressive offering. You can play Edge of Eternity for yourself on February 10th.

Total War: Warhammer 3 (PC) - February 17th

If you play strategy games, there's a good chance you're familiar with the Total War series. Lovingly blending the likes of Civilization with Command and Conqueror, there's so much to do and so many armies to defeat. Total War: Warhammer 3 is coming exclusively to PC on February 17th. Although you don't need to play the previous games, you get some nice goodies for doing so.

Shredders - TBA

We've had a handful of interesting extreme sports games over the last few years. Taking a more direct and linear approach to the formula, Shredders is a snowboarding game with pretty huge potential. It doesn't have a full release date yet but it's tentatively lined up for a release in February 2022.

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