Madden 22: Ranking the Top 5 Home Field Advantages

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Madden 22 is changing things up this year with the introduction of Dynamic Gameday, and no feature is getting more buzz than Home Field Advantages.

These stadium-specific boosts have gotten mixed reviews by some fans, but we wanted to take a closer look at which teams have the best in-game advantage for Madden 22.

Ranking the Top 5 Home Field Advantages in Madden 22

Before we take a look at how things actually shaped up with our list, it's important to know a little about Home Field Advantage and how this mechanic will work with Dynamic Gameday.

The most unfortunate news is that players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC are not going to have a chance to enjoy the feature, as it's exclusive to next-gen consoles and will only be in the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of Madden 22.

However, it's a mechanic we got to try in the Madden 22 closed beta, and it adds a whole new layer to each game, especially if you're playing as the Home Team.

Home Field Advantages are activated by building up your Momentum Meter, and only the Home Team gets their stadium's unique boost.

We've already taken a look at every team's Home Field Advantage, but here we're going to pinpoint the top five that could give you the biggest edge in Madden 22.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and red zone fatigue

At the back end of our list we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have the following Home Field Advantage:

  • Fire The Cannons: Home Team players have their fatigue temporarily replenished while in the red zone

While there are other options that beat it out, this is a deceptively valuable option, especially on defense.

Having your defensive front's fatigue replenished while in the red zone can allow for extra skill moves and crucial stops that could prevent an opponent from taking the lead.

4. Seattle Seahawks and squiggly routes

As the fourth best, the Seattle Seahawks and their 12th Man have the following Home Field Advantage:

  • The 12's: Away Team has distorted play art on 3rd and 4th down

While many fans are understandably having fun with the "squiggly" nature of this feature borrowed from a previous NCAA Football title, Seattle's advantage is still significant.

Madden 22 home field advantages advantage dynamic gameday seattle seahawks squiggly play art
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WING IT: Play art will go haywire in Seattle's stadium

We'll have to wait and see how much this boost affects AI in Madden 22, but having it on all crucial 3rd and 4th down plays could make a major difference.

3. New Orleans Saints and receiver interference

Coming in as the back of our top three, the New Orleans Saints have the following Home Field Advantage:

  • Who Dat: Away Team receivers can mistakenly get incorrect routes on 3rd and 4th downs

The crowd noise in the Superdome is legendary, and in Madden 22 it will be so deafening that some receivers could end up running an entirely wrong route.

This is another that may take some time to see how much it affects AI or users in a game, but it's definitely got major potential to disrupt important plays.

2. Dallas Cowboys and their massive jumbotron

Just shy of the best in the game, the Dallas Cowboys have the following Home Field Advantage:

  • Deflected: Away Team punt distance is shortened when kicking across the 50 yard line

It's no surprise that many players are already cracking jokes at the Cowboys' jumbotron giving them an advantage, as well as the reality that punters hitting it is fairly rare.

Madden 22 home field advantages advantage dynamic gameday cowboys jumbo tron jumbotron
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LOOK OUT: Punters will have to keep the jumbotron in mind for Madden 22

Despite that, having shortened punt distance is one of those seemingly minor changes that will impact every single drive, as those extra few yards could help keep things under control.

1. Cincinnati Bengals and no huddle

Finally, with our number one ranked selection, the Cincinnati Bengals have the following Home Field Advantage:

  • Who Dey: No Huddle results in reduced clock runoff

This could be the most overlooked Home Field Advantage so far, as many of the more amusing ones have gotten the most attention since Dynamic Gameday details were revealed.

However, the Cincinnati Bengals and their "Who Dey" Home Field Advantage is quietly the most powerful of them all, because clock control wins games.


Whether you're losing or winning, if you've got just enough momentum to activate that first M-Factor, players will be able to utilize No Huddle to get even more out of every second.

As long as you can maintain enough momentum to keep it active and make sure a game is close, mastering No Huddle with the Bengals could multiply what you're able to do as the final seconds tick away.

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