Madden 22: Deebo Samuel POTY is a must-have MUT 22 card

If you haven't heard, the Madden 22 Team of the Year has been revealed. In an unexpectedly early announcement, Good Morning Madden went live on January 24th to reveal the TOTY.

Perhaps the greatest reveal of all was the Player of the Year or POTY card that had players jumping out of their seats. The Deebo Samuel POTY card is easily the best of the group.

You might have questions about the Madden 22 POTY, mainly, why it's the best. We'll go over everything you need to know about the Deebo Samuel POTY card in Madden 22.

Madden 22 POTY: Deebo Samuel

The Madden 22 Player of the Year is Deebo Samuel and he's only going to be available for 72 hours. This means you'll need to get him on your roster ASAP.

His 97 OVR is the highest among all the other cards revealed in the Madden 22 Team of the Year. He's listed as "Slot Receiver", but you can set him as WR1 or WR2.

Madden 22 Player of the Year Deebo Samuel
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MADDEN 22 POTY: Check out the official Deebo Samuel POTY card

Deebo Samuel's Madden 22 ratings are out of control and we'll go into why down below. However, compared to the other wide receivers, Deebo Samuel is definitely the best.

Currently, those that are selling him at the Auction House are raking in over 600K. He'll be out of the Madden 22 sets on January 27th, so get him soon!

Why is this a "must-have" MUT 22 card

MUT 22 is all about having the best player at each position. If you already have two strong primary receivers, the Deebo Samuel POTY card will fit perfectly in the slot.

His 5'11 frame might scare some Madden 22 players, but his 96 Jump Ball rating more than makes up for it. He's also a 98 OVR Vertical Threat, making him easily the most lethal MUT 22 wide receiver downfield.

Madden 22 Deebo Samuel Player of the Year
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SURE-HANDED: Deebo Samuel will take your MUT 22 squad to a new level

The Madden 22 Player of the Year Deebo Samuel is not a player you can afford not having on your MUT 22 squad. If you don't your opponent likely will and you won't have an answer.

To check out the full list of Madden 22 Team of the Year players, follow this link!

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