Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Team Masters are coming

Madden 21 Ultimate Team will soon receive a huge shakeup with Series 6, and the addition of 32 new 99 OVR players in the upcoming Team Masters!

EA will reveal all 32 MUT 21 Team Masters tonight, and here's what we know so far.

Latest - Team Masters Patirck Mahomes Revealed

EA have revealed what will likely be the most exciting new Team Masters card, a 99 OVR Patrick Mahomes!

Madden 21 ultimate team team masters patrick mahomes
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CHAMP STATUS: Team Masters Mahomes will be in high demand

99 Throw Power is just the start of this fantastic card's stats, and he will certainly be the most chased down card from the set.

MUT 21 Series 6

Madden 21 Ultimate Team is still kicking with massive new drops, but Series 6 really leveled the action up.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Series 6
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NEXT UP: Series 6 brings a ton of new content to Madden 21

Series 6 went live on April 9th, and since, has given players great opportunities to upgrade their Madden 21 Ultimate Team squads with Series Redux, Team Builders, and will soon add Team Masters as the main event.

So what can players expect from Team Masters in Madden 21?

Team Masters

The Team Masters drop will be one of the biggest since the beginning of Madden 21 Ultimate Team - featuring 32 new 99 OVR cards.

Each player represents a team, so who will represent your favorite?

We'll find out tonight, when EA reveal all on a particularly late in the day Good Morning Madden stream.

Golden Ticket

While Team Masters may be the highlight of the week for Madden 21 Ultimate Team, a fan-favorite MUT promo has returned and given players a chance to build their own MUT 21 cards, Golden Ticket.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team MUT Golden Ticket
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DROPS: Golden Tickets had several chances for players to earn their right to make their very own MUT 21 card

Only a select few lucky Madden 21 players received a Golden Ticket from their attempts throughout the last couple weeks, and their creations are coming to the game soon!

So far we know a few of the players chosen in the Golden Ticket promo thanks to their creators leaking their choices - a list that includes Grant Delpit and Brandon Aiyuk!

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