Top Tips from Madden 21 Champion Henry Leverette

Madden 21 has a massive player base, and gamers are always looking for tips and strategies to improve and get better on the digital gridiron.

We recently got to speak to Henry Leverette, Team Captain of the Madden Bowl: Draft Edition Champions, and he gave us his top tips for beginners in Madden 21.

Top Tips: Eyes on the Defense

While "defense wins championships" is the rallying cry for many, Henry's advice focused more on what your opponents are doing on defense.

Madden 21 Top Tips Beginners Madden Bowl Draft Edition Champion Henry Leverette
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EYES FRONT: Watch the opposing defense before the snap

"My top tip for someone just getting into Madden 21 would be to pay attention to what your opponent is doing on defense," he said.

"For example, if you see an individual safety up top, the defensive play call is more likely a Cover 1 or Cover 3. If you see both safeties in the box, it’s more than likely a Cover 0," Henry added.

"Paying attention to these little details can take your game a long way," he said.

All About the Stick Work

With so many different factors going into a game in Madden 21, newer players or even those who have been playing for years might wonder where to focus their practice time.

"If you only had enough time to focus on one part of your game, definitely focus on your stick work," Henry said.

"You can miss out on what the meta is for months or not know much about the game, however, if you have stick work, you’ll always be able to compete," he continued. "That’s the most important thing in Madden in my opinion."

Who is Madden 21 Champion Henry Leverette?

As the captain of Team Henry in the EA Sports Madden Bowl: Draft Edition, Henry Leverette lead his team to a major championship victory at just 18 years of age.

Madden 21 Top Tips Beginners Madden Bowl Draft Edition Champion Henry Leverette
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WORDS OF A CHAMPION: Henry Leverette is more than just an Eagles fan

While this was his first major title win, it was Henry's sixth consecutive EA Major appearance, which is the longest active streak today and one short of the all-time record.

"It felt great to win the Madden Bowl with the team I drafted," Henry said of their championship victory. "I was fortunate enough to get a great pick in the draft, and I was able to draft two competitors that I’ve known for a long time and have been good friends with."

You can find Henry Leverette on Twitch or Twitter.

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