Madden 21 Ratings: Week 17 Roster Update predictions - Taylor, Darnold, Wilson, Diggs & more

With only two games left in the regular season, every second on the gridiron matters.

We know that EA likes to update the Madden rosters based on performance trends.

Who will be getting a boost in the next roster update? And which players will be getting a downgrade?

Jonathan Taylor (77 to 80)

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Taylor has dominated the last 4 weeks in the NFL and is definitely due to have an upgrade.

In the last four games, he has rushed for 560 yards and 7 TDs. Only Alvin Kamara has matched this and he had most of them in one game.

He has broken the 1,000-yard barrier in his first season and looks like a force for years to come.

Sam Darnold (70 to 69)

Darnold has been hammered since his opening mark of 73, but we fear it's got further to go.

Knowing the Jets are going to reset and have the 2nd pick in the draft, Darnold had one last chance to show he is the man they should go with.

It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either.

Darnold threw for 266 yards, a TD, and two INTs as the Jets made the Patriots look like world beaters again.

Jeff Wilson (70 to 71)

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As an undrafted RB in his 3rd season, not much was expected of Wilson coming into the season.

He got his boost last week, and we think he gets another here.

He didn't explode the same way as last week but he picked up touchdowns.

He had 20 carries for 76 yards and a TD. But he also added 3 receptions with a TD too.

Stefon Diggs (96 to 97)

Only Devante Adams caught more TD passes in the last 4 weeks of the season than Stefon Diggs - and he is now in the 99 club.

He had 37 catches for 498 yards and four TDs.

He leads the league in receiving yards and proven he was the star everyone thought he could be when he was at the Vikings.

Kyle Juszczyk (87 to 89)

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It's rare for a FB to get recognized, but that's how good Juszczyk is.

In the last four games, he had 6 catches for 54 yards and three TD's. This is a huge return and usually in critical situations.

DeAndre Hopkins (99 to 98)

We all got excited after the win against the Bills and catching the 'Hail Murray' when surrounded by three defenders.

And that was peak Hopkins.

But he hasn't done it all season. He's been running limited routes and that showed in wk17 when he only had 35 yards on four catches.

He's an incredible receiver but 99 club?

Not convinced. He only has 6 TDs this season, compared to Devante Adams with 18.

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