Madden 20: What did we learn from E3 & EA Play – Gameplay, X-Factors, & Face Of The Franchise

Madden 20 was a center-piece for EA Sports once again at E3 & EA Play. What did they show us about the latest release?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Madden is a flagship franchise for EA, without a rival in the NFL world it has a dominant grip on the sport and thus brings in a lot of sales for EA. However, like every sports game its quality can ebb and flow. Madden 19 didn’t come in for the same level of criticism as FIFA 19 did, but it didn’t exactly set the bar when it comes to new features or revolutionary thinking. Madden 20might just do that.

EA Sports have been drip-feeding their fans information about Madden 20 and all of it has sounded good. From a new career mode to fresh gameplay aspects, and an overhaul of the player ratings, Madden 20 could well be a sea change for the franchise. What did they have to show us at the annual gaming mecca of E3?


This is going to be a massive part of Madden 20 gameplay. A certain set of players will have “superstar abilities”. These are additional buffs to parts of the game, like pressuring a quarterback or throwing on the run. An even narrower band of players will be X-Factors, and once they get “in the zone” will unlock an extra one.


Toby Durant