Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best MUT Pittsburgh Steelers cards to buy – Kordell Stewart, Mel Blount & more

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With six Super Bowls, the Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with the New England Patriots as the most successful NFL team of all time.

They have had a difficult season so far this year with some big injuries, but they remain a team filled with talent and a consistent challenge in the AFC North.


To activate level 1 of the team chemistry for the Steelers you need five cards from the team. So which ones are the best to use?

Kordell Stewart (95 OVR)

Kordell Stewart's 95 OVR OOP MUT card

Program: Out of Position

Position: HB

Auction House Value: Xbox - 350k / PS4 - 350k / PC - 371k

Kordell Stewart played 11 years in the NFL. He's best known for taking up the reins as quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1997 to 2003 when he was replaced by a rookie Ben Roethlisberger.


In the OOP program, Stewart plays running back. His 92 speed comes with 94 acceleration, 94 juke move, and 94 elusiveness. He is also a good receiver, with 79 catching and 84 spectacular catch.

Mel Blount (95 OVR)

Mel Blount's 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden - Past MUT card

Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past

Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox - 307k / PS4 - 315k / PC - 327k

A true great of Steelers history, Mel Blount won four Super Bowls with Pittsburgh in his 14 year career. He racked up 57 interceptions in the black & gold and was named 1975 Defensive Player of the Year.


This MUT card is a beast. With 94 press, 92 man cover, and 91 zone cover he can do everything. He's also got a huge 93 jumping and impressive 77 catching to go along with 91 speed and 91 acceleration.

Antwaan Randle El (95 OVR)

Antwaan Randle El's 95 OVR Legends MUT card

Program: Legends

Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox - 400k / PS4 - 398k / PC - 495k

A more recent Steeler, Antwaan Randle El played just four years in Pittsburgh at the start of his career but he certainly left his mark. He racked up 2,000 yards and seven touchdowns in the regular season, but his greatest asset was his arm. He threw for a touchdown in Super Bowl XL as the Steelers beat Seattle.


This MUT card is very strong. His 95 agility, 93 acceleration, and 92 speed are very good. He has 94 elusiveness and a huge 95 juke move to go along with 93 deep route and 90 spectacular catch.

Mean Joe Greene (94 OVR)

Program: NFL 100

Position: DT

Auction House Value: Xbox – 600,000 / PS4 – 652,000 / PC – 650,000

The NFL 100 is the best of the best and Mean Joe Greene was #13 on the all-time list. He is a brick wall in MUT.


Green is a monster block shedder at 94, and with strength 93 he can't be outmuscled. Tackling and hit power of 90 will cause fumbles in most games. Whilst he's not the quickest at 77, he will fill the middle of the defensive line.

Rod Woodson (94 OVR)

Program: NFL 100

Position: CB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 690,000 / PS4 – 700,000 / PC 800,000

At #41 on the NFL 100 list, Woodson is another all-time great in the Steelers uniform.


92 man cover, 90 zone cover, and 90 play recognition are all elite coverage stats. Along with this, Woodson is a physical freak. 92 speed, 93 acceleration, 94 agility - he won't be beaten for pace.

All the best Pittsburgh Steelers MUT cards

Player OVR Position Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Kordell Stewart95HBOut of Position350k
Mel Blount95CBGhosts of Madden - Past310k
Antwaan Randle El95WRLegends400k
Mean Joe Greene94DTNFL 100600k
Rod Woodson94CBNFL 100690k
JuJu Smith-Schuster93WRSignature Series709k
Troy Polamalu93SSMadden Ultimate Team 10553k
Devin Bush93MLBGhosts of Madden - Future190k
Joe Haden92CBTOTW277k
Cameron Heyward92REZero Chill118k
Kevin Greene91LOLBLegends124k
Minkah Fitzpatrick91FSTOTW216k
David DeCastro91RGMUT Heroes134k
James Conner91HBUltimate Kickoff191k
Maurkice Pouncey89CHeavyweights80k
Ben Roethlisberger89QBFlashbacks69.6k
Javon Hargrave89DTFootball Outsiders70.6k
Mel Blount89CBLegens69.6k
TJ Watt89LOLBHarvest69.3k