Madden 20: Predicting Player Ratings - Tight Ends

Madden player ratings are one of the more unique aspects of the game compared to other sports games. While FIFA will cap Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo around 94 in career modes, Madden will regularly throw a 99 OVR rating at several players each year. Last season saw 6 players get the maximum rating on launch, but that may not be happening in Madden 20.

EA Sports have promised a much bigger rating spread in Madden 20, leaving some starters with a rating in the mid-50's. This suggests that we will see far fewer elite rated players this year and some may be disappointed with just how low their rating is.

This article will look at projecting the ratings of the tight end position in Madden 20. We will break them into three tiers; the elite player, the star, and the starter. Not every tight end in the game will appear here, so if you don't see your teams TE that means we expect them to fall below the thresholds of this article.

90+ OVR Tight Ends

Likely tight ends: Travis Kelce (KC), George Kittle (SF), Zach Ertz (PHI)

The king is dead, at least for now. The long-reigning best tight end in football Rob Gronkowski has retired, meaning he won't be in Madden 20. This leaves the door open for another player to grasp the crown of top-rated TE.

That person is likely to be Travis Kelce. The Chiefs TE has been a game-wrecker for years now and had a massive Madden 19 launch rating of 95. After a 2018 season that included 1,336 yards and 10 touchdowns it is almost impossible to see him starting Madden 20 with a lower rating than that.

He does have competition though. San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle had a breakout campaign last season, reeling in 88 catches for 1,377 yards and 5 touchdowns. His athleticism and talent is unquestionable and will be rewarded with a big Madden 20 rating.

Another potential 90+ OVR is Philadelphia's playmaker Zach Ertz. After catching a crucial touchdown in Super Bowl 52 for the Eagles, Ertz put up 1,163 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2018 and continued to be a quality all-around player for Philadelphia.

While Madden 19 had 6 90+ TE's on launch this ratings overhaul combined with Gronk's retirement should see that number drop to these three.

Projected ratings

Travis Kelce: 95 OVR

George Kittle: 94 OVR

Zach Ertz: 92 OVR

89-85 OVR Tight Ends

Likely tight ends: Jared Cook (OAK), Eric Ebron (IND), Kyle Rudolph (MIN), Jordan Reed (WAS),  David Njoku (CLE)

The second tier of tight ends is not likely to be that well populated. After the top three there is a bit of a drop off to these guys.

Jared Cook has done the rounds as a player, but in 2018 he had one of his best seasons ever, putting up 896 yards on 68 catches for Oakland and scoring 6 touchdowns. He was joined in having a career-year by Eric Ebron. Freed from Detroit and landing in Indianapolis, Ebron set career-highs for catches (66), yards (750), and touchdowns (13). His performance surprised many, but he seems to have finally matured in the NFL and should be a strong player in Madden 20.

Next will be Minnesota's stalwart tight end Kyle Rudolph. The ever-reliable Rudolph finished his fourth-straight season without missing a game in 2018, reeling in 64 catches for 634 yards and 4 touchdowns. He is likely to be joined by Washington's less reliable Jordan Reed. Reed got a launch rating of 94 last year, but after another injury-hit season and less-than-ideal production Reed should drop into this second tier. He made 54 catches last year for 558 yards and 2 scores.

Rounding out this tier is likely to be Cleveland's third-year player David Njoku, who enjoyed a much bigger role in the Browns offense last season, finishing the year with 56 receptions, 639 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

Projected ratings

Jared Cook: 88 OVR

Eric Ebron: 88 OVR

Kyle Rudolph: 86 OVR

Jordan Reed: 86 OVR

David Njoku: 85 OVR

84-79 Tight Ends

Likely tight ends: Jimmy Graham (GB), Delanie Walker (TEN), Austin Hooper (ATL), Vance McDonald (PIT), Greg Olsen (CAR)

The third tier is where a lot of veteran TE's that are towards the end of their career are likely to fall. That includes Green Bay's Jimmy Graham, who had 55 catches for 636 yards and 2 scores last year, and Tennessee's Delanie Walker who missed practically the whole season due to injury.

There will be some younger players in here too that saw their role in an offense expand last season. Falcons tight end Austin Hooper made 71 catches last year for 660 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Pittsburgh's Vance McDonald also set career-highs with 50 catches, 610 yards, and 4 scores.

Another player relegated from the 90+ bracket in Madden 19 is likely to be Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, who once again struggled with injuries and played just 9 games, making on 27 catches for 291 yards and 4 scores.

Projected ratings

Jimmy Graham: 84 OVR

Delanie Walker: 84 OVR

Austin Hooper: 83 OVR

Vance McDonald: 81 OVR

Greg Olsen: 79 OVR

Do you agree with our predictions? How do you think the ratings overhaul will impact the tight ends? Let us know in the comments below!

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