Madden 20: New MUT Flashbacks available – Kwon Alexander & Kirk Cousins

Need a new star under center or monster linebacker? Then go after these new MUT cards!

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

There are always new MUT cards to be earned and put into your lineup.

The latest are two flashbacks at key positions that can make an instant improvement to your MUT team. Flashback Kwon Alexander, an 88 OVR MLB, and a Flashback Kirk Cousins, an 88 OVR QB.

How good are these cards? And how can you get them?

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Flashback Kirk Cousins (88 OVR)

There are several high-end quarterback cards, but one of the beautiful things about Ultimate Team is cycling in the players you want and love. For Redskins fans Kirk Cousins represents the most recent quality quarterback for the franchise and was the quarterback who led them into their last playoff game in 2015. This Flashback card comes from his excellent Week 12 performance in 2016 where he threw for 449 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys.

This Cousins Flashback card comes with 91 play action, awesome 89-85-85 accuracy, and 87 throw under pressure. He’s an ideal quarterback for any run-first team that likes to hit quick passes, strike deep occasionally, and especially run play action.

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Flashback Kwon Alexander (88 OVR)

Kwon Alexander departed Tampa Bay this offseason on a monster free agent deal with the San Francisco 49ers. Tampa Bay fans were sad to see him go and the Buccaneers defense is already missing his presence in the middle of it. This Flashback card comes from his 2015 Week 8 game in which he picked up 11 tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble as the Buccaneers beat divisional rivals the Atlanta Falcons.

The middle linebacker position is key to defense in Madden, and is the position you should be controling at almost all times. That makes Alexander’s 84 speed, 87 acceleration, and 87 hit power extremely valuable.

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How to get these cards

You can buy Flashback packs for 1,780 Training, which is a pretty expensive price tag given that a Core Elite player will only quick-sell for 183 Training. These cards are also in the Auction House but prices are already hitting 100,000 coins.


Toby Durant