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14 Sep 2018

Madden 19: Celebration & Taunt Controls (Xbox One & PS4)

For a long time the NFL was mockingly called the No Fun League due to the punishments for celebrating. Sure, sometimes people went too far in taunting their opponents, but the sterilization of touchdowns took a lot of the joy out of football. Recently the NFL has relaxed the rules on organized and pre-planned celebrations, and now they are even in Madden 19.

How to activate a taunt in Madden 19

Sometimes you run a play so good you simply can't wait to showboat. Maybe you blew the top off the coverage or juked three defenders at once and broke into the open field. Maybe you just picked off a pass and streaked away from the offense. Whatever it may be, you can hit LT + RT + A on Xbox One (or L2 + R2 + X on PS4) at any time on the field to activate a random taunt. There are a lot of different ones, from high stepping, running a shadow ladder drill, or even the classic airplane.

However, make sure you have plenty of space when doing this as it will slow you down considerably and you run the risk of getting tackled before you find the endzone.

How to celebrate in Madden 19

After a touchdown, sack, or safety you will have the opportunity to activate a celebration. Just use the right stick when prompted to select a celebration.

Right Stick Up - Team/Group Celebration

Right Stick Right - Spike

Right Stick Down - Signature Celebration

Right Stick Left - Dance

Click Right Stick - Swagger: Steal an opponent's signature celebration!

Much like the taunts you aren't guaranteed a particular dance or group celebration each time, you'll just get a random one of many.

Some of the celebrations included in the game are Dez Bryant's X, Odell Beckham's Whip dance, and Rob Gronkowski gets his one super-spike celebration. There are a lot of team celebrations too, from a bobsled run to duck-duck-goose and even a free throw setup. Be careful when you activate a team celebration though. If you score a breakaway touchdown and try to use a team celebration you'll find your player simply doing it by himself. They are best reserved for red zone scores when there are plenty of teammates to join you in showing off after a score.

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