Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Team MVP’s Set Guide

Do you need to know anything about the new Team MVP’s Set on Madden 17 Ultimate Team? Here is a complete guide to the set.

by Remy Cabache

As Madden Season rolls on, more and more is being added to the game to keep it interesting and keep fans playing until the release of Madden NFL 18. One of the things they are doing is adding more Sets. One of those sets is the Team MVP’s Sets.

The Team MVP’s Set honors each team’s Most Valuable Player from the season just gone according to the Madden development group. They are as follows:

All of the Team MVP’s are 95 Overall and have two chemistry’s. To get them you’ll have to add any 30 Gold players and 30 Silver players from that team as well as 5 Elite Badges. Upon completing each set you’ll be awarded with the player from that team and a Team MVP Collectible.

The Collectible that you earn can then be added to the MVP Master Set. Once you have added all 33 Team MVP Collectibles to the MVP Master Set you will earn a 98 Overall DT Aaron Donald with three chemistry’s and the Team MVP Master Collectible. That collectible can then be used to go towards the Ultimate Master Set, which will give you a 99 Overall Deion Sanders, so it is worthwhile holding onto that Collectible.

All in all this is a good set if you have A LOT of spare players, coins and badges, but if you aren’t one of those players then these Sets will be pretty tough to complete. The coins it would take to buy enough players and badges to complete these Sets is astronomical, so if you are looking to get a few of these sets done you better start grinding through every single solo challenge you can and start looking for bargains in the auction house to sell on.

Though a lot of these players are very good, it is hard to say that they are worth the hassle/cost that it will take to acquire them, so the only real reason to go for these players is if you’re actually going after the collectibles to acquire Aaron Donald and, eventually, Deion Sanders. They would be worth it, but that is going to take a hell of a lot of work.

What do you think of the Team MVP’s Set? Let us know in the comments below!

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Remy Cabache