Madden 17: Ultimate Team Solo Challenge Rewards

Solo Challenges are the lifeblood of MUT, but which ones to play? Continue reading to learn which Solo Challenges to play to earn rewards.

by Remy Cabache

*Updated 10th March 2017*

It’s Madden Season, which means it’s time to build your Ultimate Team. Like with every EA Sports title, Ultimate team is one of the most popular game modes. Now that it is here, millions of players will begin to grind through the Solo Challenges to earn coins, players and items, but where to start? Here is a ranking of Madden Solo Challenges to give you an idea of where you’ll find the most joy for earning rewards.

Opening Games

Opening Games is the first set the game prompts you to complete. It consists of 8 challenges and is once again scenarios (for example gain 20 yards on your first drive). It is all on Rookie difficulty against poor versions of the Panthers and the Broncos.

You’ll earn a total of 1400 coins and four opening games packs, each of which will give you a silver player and a Madden Ultimate Team Tip collectible which can be added to a set that’ll give you a pack of your choice. By completing them you will also unlock access to the rest of the Solo Challenges.

Now, this isn’t the best Solo Challenges by any means, but you have to do it to get access to the others, so for that reason it has to be number 1. 

*Update* NFL Journey II

The second version of the NFL Journey is another set of Solo Challenges that should go to the top of everyone’s playlist. Unlike the first version of this, that had 160 challenges, this one only has 64 for the rewards are very, very good. Over the course of the entire Solo Challenge you will earn:

  • 73,750 coins
  • 95 Overall Matthew Stafford
  • Journey Master Collectible
  • 50 Contract Packs (2x)
  • 75 Contract Packs (3x)
  • Gold Packs (2x)
  • 3-Gold Reward Pack
  • Pro Packs (4x)
  • All-Pro Packs (3x)
  • Elite Reward packs (2x)
  • MUT Gear Pack
  • Legends Pack
  • Flashbacks Pack
  • Game Changer Pack

Given that all of the challenges are pretty quick – there are a lot of 2-minute drills for example – the rewards for the amount of time you’ll have to dedicate to this are great. 

*Update* OVR Master

This set of Solo Challenges has entry requirements based on your teams Overall Rating. Within this set there are 4 sequences. To play the first sequence your team has to have an Overall Rating of 94, the second sequence requires your team to be 96 Overall, the third requires a 98 Overall team and the final sequence needs you to have a 99 Overall Team. In each sequence you have to play two games against the Steelers (94 Overall), the Falcons (96 Overall), the Cowboys (98 Overall) and the Patriots (99 Overall). The first game in the first three sequences is on Pro difficulty and the second game is on All-Pro difficulty. However, in the final sequence, against the 99 Overall rated Patriots, the first game is on All-Pro and the second game is on All-Madden.

The game you hav to play is to repeat one of these teams’ biggest feats of the season, the same feat in both games. For the Steelers you start the game down 10 points with 5 minutes left, with the Falcons you are down 14 points with 4 minutes left, against the Cowboys you are down 10 points with 3 minutes to go and against the Patriots you have to recreate their 3rd and 4th quarter comeback against the Falcons from the Super Bowl. 

Upon completion, you will get 10,000 Coins from the Steelers (94 Overall) sequence, 20,000 Coins from the Falcons (96 Overall), 50,000 Coins and the OVR Master Collectible from the Cowboys (98 Overall) sequence and 100,000 Coins from the Patriots (99 Overall) sequence. 

If you have gotten your team to this standard, the rewards of these Solo Challenges are pretty tempting. 

Super Bowl

This group of Solo Challenges is split into two categories: Super Bowl: Past and Super Bowl: Present. Both of them have the same structure. They are made up of 12 challenges, for example: Down 14-3 in the 2nd quarter, outscore the Raiders to earn a coin reward. In both sequences, the first 8 games are on Pro difficulty and the last 4 are on All-Pro difficulty and both sequences you are required to have activated a certain chemistry in your lineup to play the challenge. In the Past sequence you need to have achieved the Super Bowl Present chemistry to Tier 1 to play the 11th game and you need it activated to Tier 2 to play the 12th and final game. In the Present sequence you need to have achieved the Super Bowl Past chemistry to Tier 1 to play the 11th game and Tier 2 to play the 12th. To achieve Tier 1 you need 6 players with the chemistry starting in your lineup and for Tier 2 you need 10 players starting in your lineup. 

Here are the rewards you will get for each sequence:

Super Bowl: Past

  • 18,750 coins
  • 75 Contract Pack
  • Gold Super Bowl Player Pack
  • 2 Super Bowl Present Packs
  • Super Bowl Elite Present Pack
  • Super Bowl Elite Past Pack

Super Bowl: Present

  • 18,750 coins
  • 75 Contract Pack
  • Gold Super Bowl Player Pack
  • 2 Super Bowl Past Packs
  • Super Bowl Elite Past Pack
  • Super Bowl Elite Present Pack

All in all this is a pretty good set of Solo Challenges to try to complete as the players you get from it could really help your team or go towards the Super Bowl Set

*Update* Journey to the Super Bowl 

This set of Solo Challenges is much like The Journey in terms of structure and the types of challenges. The only difference is the rewards and the length. Unlike The Journey, which has 160 games, this one only has 64. As a result, the rewards aren’t quite as good, but they are still well worth going after: 

  • 92 OVR Deion Jones
  • 70,000 coins
  • Elite Super Bowl Past Pack
  • Elite Super Bowl Present Pack
  • Legendary Super Bowl Pack
  • Flashback Super Bowl Pack
  • Super Bowl Past Pack
  • Super Bowl Present Pack
  • Gold Super Bowl Player Pack x4
  • Super Bowl LI Pack x11
  • 75 Contract Pack x5
  • 50 Contract Pack x2

I definitely recommend going after the 92 Overall version of Deion Jones. 

VIP 500 Club

This is a special group of Solo Challenges. They only become available once you have completed 500 Solo Challenge games on Madden Ultimate Team.

It consists of 40 games – 4 sets of 10 games – and is all played on All-madden difficulty, the highest in the game. Each game is a different scenario, for example: Trailing the Dolphins 17-23, you have the ball with 2:30 remaining on your 20 yard line. Win the game to advance. 

At first, this set of Solo Challenges may not seem as though they are worth it as they’re on the hardest difficulty and each set of 10 games only gives you 16,500 coins, and you only get items – 3 of them – in the final set of 10 games. So it is an awful lot of grinding to get to those three items. Those items are an “Express Home Uniform Item”, “Express Away Uniform Item” and a 90 Overall Devin McCourty Item. 

Personally, All-Madden is very difficult to play on, as you would imagine, all of these games are fairly tough and the end reward is not that great. Especially considering The Journey is on a lower difficulty, has better rewards and a 90 Overall Earl Thomas at the end (Thomas and McCourty are the same position). As a result, I don’t think this set of Solo Challenges is really worth it. But if you are looking for a real challenge from Solo Challenges then this is the set for you. ;

The Journey 

There is a new set in MUT! The Journey is back and better than ever. This set of Solo Challenges takes you through each division and gives you 16 games to play in each division, so a total of 160 more Solo Challenges are at your disposal. Each game is a different scenario, for example: “Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have Cowboys fans thinking about a date in Houston later this year. Down by 1 and in field range, make the rookies wait at least another year before hosting the Lombardi Trophy.”

Each set of 16 Challenges will give you gradually escalating rewards. The first will give you 10,000 Coins and 4 Packs/Items (Contract Packs and Reward Packs) and the lazy one will give you 25,000 Coins and 9 Packs/Items (Contract Packs and mixture of purchasable Packs) and finally a 90 Overall Earl Thomas. 

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet was the first group of Solo Challenges to entice me this year. In The Gauntlet there are three sequences: Rushing, Passing and Defense. The challenges range from single plays to full games and can all be beaten in not too much time.

The new December Gauntlet is the same as the November Gauntlet in terms of rewards and types of challenges. The only difference is that, once completed, you earn a 91 Overall LOLB Rob Ninkovich.

The November Gauntlet is more like the October Gauntlet in format. Each sequence will reward you with 34,800 Coins, 4 Contract Reward Packs, 2 Pro Packs, 2 All-Pro Packs, a Game Changer Pack and an Elite Player Pack. In addition, each sequence will give you a Gold Gauntlet Collectible which will go towards the ‘November Gauntlet Set’ which will give you a 90 Overall Philip Rivers. 

It seems that this group of challenges will be updated monthly. In the October update, they have increased each sequence to 20 games from 16, giving you 60 total games to play. What’s more, they have increased the payout. Each sequence is now worth 34,800 coins and an additional 10 Packs/Items, the final game giving you an 85 Overall Elite player. You’ll now earn 2 Pro Packs, 2 All-Pro Packs and a Legends Pack along the way. Upon completing all the challenges, you’ll be able to add the collectibles you’ll earn to the ‘October Gauntlet Set’ to give you an 89 Overall Julius Peppers’s item.

Another bonus about these challenges is that, for the amount of time they take, they are good value. In that upon beating all 48 challenges you’ll have earned 63,750 coins, 4 Pro Packs, 4 fifty contract packs and 8 category specific packs, which will give you the Collectibles to earn an 88 overall Joe Haden. In addition, you’ll receive a ‘Master’ Collectible, which when completed will give you a 95 overall Rob Gronkowski item and a 500,000 coin quick sell item.

Weekly Challenges

The Weekly Challenges give you the best chance to earn all of the most up to date items. For example, during Week’s 2 and 3, these gave you the opportunity to earn each teams’ Color Rush uniform. In addition to unique challenges like those, you can complete a challenge a week for more contracts, one a week to earn a Player of the Week Collectable that can go towards the Player of the Year and, of course, coins (at least 2000).

Team Challenges

This is definitely the longest set of Solo Challenges, but they’re enjoyable. This set allows you to play each teams’ full 16-game schedule, earning you players, contracts and coins along the way. With a total of 512 games to play (on Rookie, Pro and All-Pro difficulties) this will take a lot of time, dedication and contracts. This is by no means the most efficient set, but it’s the one that’ll likely keep you going on Ultimate Team. If you complete all of these, you’ll have earned a total of 435,200 coins, which can go a long way to buy more packs, players and contracts.

Ultimate Seasons

Ultimate Seasons is an ever changing category of Solo Challenges. It is updated weekly with 16 new challenges that are appropriate to the corresponding week of NFL action. Each challenge will be a scenario, like in The Gauntlet. For example, you’ll have to complete a 2-minute drill against the Raiders to win. In each weekly set of challenges you will have the chance to earn between 10,000 and 27,750 coins, depending on the difficulty of the challenge and the rewards you’ll get. It’ll also give you a collectible to go towards the Madden Ultimate Team Master set.

So there it is, RealSport’s Solo Challenges in Madden 17 Ultimate Team for acquiring coins, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments which challenge is your favorite.

Remy Cabache