Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Flashbacks Set Guide

Madden 17 Ultimate Team has lots of perks, one being its Sets and their trading card-esque feel. Here is a guide to just one of them: Flashbacks.

by Remy Cabache

Ultimate Team is possibly the biggest game mode on Madden, but what makes it what it is? Part of it is the Solo Challenges, another part is the team building aspect but one of my favorite parts are the Sets.

Sets are the best way and sometimes the only way to get special edition items and they are a pretty good way to get rid of excess items, unless you want immediate coins, in which case just sell them.

As they are such a big part of Ultimate Team I thought I would give you all a rundown on all the different sets, telling you what you’re going to need to complete it, how to get those things and what you’re going to get from that set.

Next up is the Flashbacks Set.

 This is an excellent set but it isn’t a quick or cheap one to explain, but it does pay off.

There are currently 18 Sub-Sets to complete within the Set and each one will reward you with a Flashback player rated at least 88 Overall (OVR). Here are the current available players.

You may be wondering why are these players flashbacks? Well each one is a version of the player when they had a particularly good day. For example, Nick Foles’ set is commemorating his 7 TD performance against the Raiders in 2013 and DeMarco Murray’s is commemorating his 253 yards rushing in Week 7 of the 2011 season.

So how do you get these players?

Each Sub-Set is made up of 6 items. A Flashback Badge and 5 player specific Flashback Collectibles.

You can get a Flashback badge in a number of ways, the first being from the Flashback Badge Sub-Set. Another way is from one of the Weekly Challenges in Solo Challenges and you can earn them from a Flashback Pack.

To earn the player specific Collectibles you’ll have to get them from the Flashback Pack or you can buy them from the auction house, for not all that much, depending on the player. For example, you can get the Nick Foles Collectibles for as low as 4400 Coins. For Keenan Allen on the other hand, you’ll be forking out a minimum of around 10,000 Coins and a minimum of around 50,000 for Brandon Marshall Collectibles. But most are between Foles and Allen, so don’t worry, they are do-able.

Now, I have not been able to use all of the possible Flashback players, I could only dream of that, but going by the ones I have used, I would highly recommend both DeMarco Murray and Keenan Allen.

Murray can do everything as a running back. He is an excellent power runner and is very good at both trucking and stiff arms. If you’re not much of a power guy, don’t worry, as Murray can do it. He is just as good at jukes and spins and he is a very good receiver too. Oh, and he is fast.

Allen is the perfect possession receiver. He is a very good route runner and gets open, a lot. If he isn’t as open he is a pretty good bet to come down with contested catches thanks to his size, jumping and catch in traffic. He is currently my number 1 receiver and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

That does it for the Flashbacks Set. Which players have you gotten and recommend? Let us know in the comments. 

Remy Cabache