Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Earn Badges Set Guide

Ultimate Team is possibly the biggest game mode on Madden, but what makes it what it is? Part of it is the Solo Challenges, another part is the team building aspect but one of my favorite parts are the Sets.

Sets are the best way and sometimes the only way to get special edition items and they are a pretty good way to get rid of excess items, unless you want immediate coins, in which case just sell them.

As they are such a big part of Ultimate Team I thought I would give you all a rundown on all the different sets, telling you what you’re going to need to complete it, how to get those things and what you’re going to get from that set.

Next up is the Earn Badges Set.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ultimate Team, Badges are an item that can be used to trade for players or add to sets to earn different rewards. They come in 4 types, like the players, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite and as you may have guessed, they are worth different amounts. These Badges can be earned from Packs, Auctions and other Sets.

Well, this Set does exactly what it says on the tin, it earns you badges. Within the Set there are 8 Sub-Sets, here is a run-down of each one.

Bronze Badge Upgrade

This one is pretty simple, add 5 Bronze Badges and you will receive 1 Silver Badge. Simples.

Silver Badge Upgrade

This one is exactly the same as the one prior. Add 5 Silver Badges for 1 Gold Badge.

Gold Badge Upgrade

You guessed it. Add 5 Gold Badges for 1 Elite Badge.

Bronze Player Trade-In

Finally, something different! This Set requires you to add any 9 Bronze players, and in return you will gain a 1-Badge Pack. This Badge could be any quality, but Bronze Badges are far, far more common than anything else.

Silver Player Trade-In

Add any 7 Silver players to earn a 5-Badge Pack, which could be any quality Badge.

Gold Player Trade-In

Add any 5 Gold players to earn a 10-Badge Pack that could have Badges of any quality.

Team Item Trade-In

Trade in any 15 Team Items (Uniforms, Playbooks, Coaches or Stadiums) to earn a 2-Badge Pack that could be any quality of Badge.

Giveaway Item Trade-In

Those of you have played a lot of Ultimate Team will know that EA give every user an Elite player at the start of every week, but the player will only be eligible for a limited time, 10 games for example. The great thing about this set is you can add the Giveaway players even once they have expired. If you add 5 of them to this set you’ll get a 5-Badge Pack which, again, could consist of any quality of Badge.

One tip I have for this Set is try to use Free Agent players, as you are better served using your team specific players for the Team Heroes Set.

That does it for this set. It’s not one of the most satisfying Stes to complete but it can be useful if you’re in need of a badge and you have excess players that aren’t necessarily worth that much.

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