Virtual Vietnam GP LIVE UPDATES: Start time, how to watch, full grid, & more

Formula 1 might be on hiatus, but the Virtual Grand Prix Series returns to lighten the mood!

THIS EVENING it is the Virtual Vietnam GP. Of course, with the Hanoi Street Circuit not yet available in the F1 game, the race will be held at Albert Park in Melbourne.

There are six current F1 drivers, a few former stars, and one or two familiar faces this week.

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Ben Stokes - great sport 21:30 GMT

2020 04 05 6
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GAVE IT HIS ALL: Great effort by Stokes especially against such a high calibre of drivers

Charles Leclerc's thoughts - 21:21 GMT

Sweating like crazy! Muscles not hurting but he was concentrating very hard. No yelling this time around and very happy with his performance.

Put in around 8 days of practice, at least 5 hours a day practice.

Will he compete again? He's not sure just yet!

Closing thoughts 21:15 GMT

Great racing, clean and fair - overall high quality race. Alex Albon early incident through a few drivers out with him. A lot of spins, a lot of mistakes, but some great driving and overtakes.

Charles Leclerc wins 1st place, Lundgard 2nd and Russell 3rd - 21:14 GMT

Quality race by all three, with Leclerc dominating from the start.

Stokes doing well all things considering - 21:13 GMT

Down in 18th, but up against some seriously good drivers.

Button and Ltaifi battle results in Button going into the gravel - 21.09 GMT

Great battle between the two.

Arthur Leclerc finally gets into 4th place - 21:07 GMT

Giovinazzi back to 5th.

Button looking to break into the top 10 21:05 GMT

Just behind Fittipaldi, can't quite take him.

Battle between Delatraz and Giovinazzi doesn't go to plan - 21:03 GMT

Delatraz into the wall for the second time and goes down to 7th place.

Arthur Leclerc makes mistake and drops to 6th, trying to overtake Delatraz - 21:00 GMT

A lot of drivers getting warned for cutting corners - Jimmy Broadbent already been penalised.

Over half way, Ben Stokes in 17th, Charles Leclerc 1st, Lundgard 2nd Russell 3rd - 20:58

Fantastic racing so far!

Alex Albon vs Button - 20:53 GMT

Button clinging onto it at the moment. Albon puts in the hard work, but doesn't pay off. Currently 11th.

Deletraz in 7th tries to take Vandoorne, big battle between the two - 20:49 GMT

Big battle between the two, Vandoorne on the hards, has more grip than the Belgium at this time. This time he gets the position. Delatraz holds onto 6th place.

Arthur Leclerc hammers past Giovinazzi - 20:47 GMT

Took his on the inside. Currently in 4th, 5 seconds behind Russell.

Lundgard gets 5 second penality for speeding in the pits - 20:45 GMT

Jenson Button in 2nd, yet to go into the pits - could this be the same strategy seen in Melbourne before?

Vandoorne struggling to get ahead of Giovinazzi, currently in 6th. 20:41 GMT

Lundgard is pressuring Lerclerc, succeeds in overtaking on the outside. Currently in 2nd. Charles Lerclerc 5 seconds ahead. George Russell back into 3rd.

Charles Leclerc in 1st, Arthur Leclerc 2nd, Lundgard 3rd after Russell makes critical mistake - 20:40 GMT

Lundgard tries to overtake Lerclec, succeeds for a moment but can't take the position.

Stoffel Vandoorne in 7th right on the tail of Antonio Giovinazzi. Ben Stokes was in 12th, but came off the track - 20:36 GMT

Lap 4/29, great driving so far.

Big hit effects multiple riders - 20:34 GMT

Alex Albon out of 3rd.

Charle Leclerc leads into the first corner - GMT 20:32

Got a 'mega' start, already a second in front of George Russell - ahead of Alex Albert in 3rd.

George Russell gone up to 3rd, Charles Leclerc can't take pole position - 20.29 GMT

Lando Norris gets 9th place. Great run by George Russell - especially since he got his first simulator this week. Strong performance for Jenson Button as he's new to sim racing.

Ben Stokes in 20th position - 20:26 GMT

'We'll forgive him for anything' after his performance in the Ashes!

Stoffel Vandoorne in 9th - 20:25 GMT

Tidy lap so far!

Top 4 very tight at the moment, top 11 covered by a second - 20:23 GMT

Some great driving so far! Anthoney Davidson, former world endurance champion doing well - looking 'neat and tidy' and looking to make amends for what happened 2 weeks ago!

JUST spun out...down in 18th place. Lungard in pole position so far.

Leclerc front row at the moment, Ben Stokes in 18th position - 20:17 GMT

Qualifying session underway, Charles Leclerc quickest so far - 20:15 GMT

Lundgard 2nd, NLatifi 3rd

Turn 3 is the one to watch out for - 20:14 GMT

The track has a few opportunities to overtake, but it's anticipated that turn 3 will be the source of much of the action.

Thoughts from drivers - 20:11 GMT

George Russell is going to 'put on a show.'

Stoffel Vandoorne, 'It's going to be a good competition.'

Nicholas Latifi hope he 'won't get taken out' too early and can get a 'cheeky little win.'

Pietro Fittipaldi sending his best and says 'let's have some fun!'

Jenson Button, first time a F1 champion has joined the ranks - 20:07 GMT

How transferable is racing to Sim racing though - we'll find out!

Format reminder - 20:05 GMT

18 minute qualifying, followed by the race at 50% length.

Damage is OFF - which could result in some dangerous manoeuvres.

IT'S TIME! F1 Virtual Vietnam GP is ON! - 20:00 GMT

Taking a look at Bahrain showing and the 'carnage' and 'chaos' that ensued.

The Albert Park track in Melbourne - 19:45 GMT

Just under 15 minutes until we begin the Virtual Vietnam GP event. Take a look at the track they'll be racing on below.

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BEAUTIFUL: The track looks stunning in game too

A look at the Hanoi track in Vietnam - 19:30 GMT

Jenson Button will be taking it easy on the competition - 19:17 GMT

2020 04 05 5
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COOL YOUR JETS: Button's kind treatment of 'newbies' is sure not to be appreciated

Under an hour to go! - 19:03 GMT

Just under an hour to go and the anticipation is building. Let's check out some of the drivers' thoughts in preparation up to the event.

Nicolas Latifi
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NICE SETUP: Nicholas Latifii is all ready to go!

Nicholas Latifii is looking seriously prepared as he goes into the hotseat for Team Williams.

Lando Norris
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GO TEAM: Lando Norris is a veteran of sim racing, but will he have better luck this time around?

Lando Norris for McLaren is definitely one to watch. He put in a solid performance last week in the ChallengeLando event, but admitted to making a few costly mistakes in the process.

How will he fare this time around, now that the stakes are higher?

Ben Stokes
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CONFIDENCE? Will the world class cricketer be able to handle the pressure of the race?

Ben Stokes, British cricketer will be joining the Red Bull Racing team and he is understandably excited at the chance to mix it up with the professionals.

His latest Instagram post has us somewhat concerned, however! Let's hope he's pulling our leg!

2020 04 05 3
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UP FOR IT: Louis Deletraz has high expectations!

Louis Deletraz for team Haas shares our predictions on the upcoming race.

2020 04 05 4
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CALM & COLLECTED: A sense of quiet confidence surrounds George Russell

George Russell driving for Team Williams, looks relaxed in his setup - we wonder how relaxed he'll be when it all kicks off at 8pm!

Virtual Vietnam GP - Full driver lineup

Driver A
Driver B
Stoffel Vandoorne
Esteban Gutierrez
FDA HUBLOT Esports Team
Charles Leclerc
Arthur Leclerc
Red Bull Racing
Alex Albon
Ben Stokes
Lando Norris
Jenson Button
Christian Lundgaard
Andre Heimgartner
Racing Point
Jimmy Broadbent
Anthony Davidson
Louis Deletraz
Pietro Fittipaldi
Alpha Tauri
Luca Salvadori
Nunzio Todisco
Alfa Romeo
Antonio Giovinazzi
Johnny Herbert
George Russell
Nicholas Latifi
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