Xmithie: The selfless carry

Competitive League of Legends doesn’t exactly welcome altruism. 

When so much of the game revolves around snowballing leads, pros take every opportunity they can get to push their edge to the absolute limit. That means asking for resources. It’s no wonder the best carries are often the ones that demand ganks, gold, and jungle pressure from their teammates. 

In this self-centered era, Jake "Xmithie" Puchero is something of a unicorn. With a very team-oriented playstyle and an incredible sense of loyalty, he seems like a textbook example of a supportive jungler, yet the fact that he’s been a part of several world-class lineups makes us think there’s something more to him. So what makes Xmithie succeed where others didn’t? 

To find an answer to this question, we have to take a step back and examine his entire career. 

Ex Duris Gloria 

Xmithie started his career on a team called APictureOfAGoose. Back then, he was an AD carry main, and his claim to fame was beating CLG in the Season 2 IEM Kiev Qualifiers using the innovative Leona/Jarvan bottom lane. Eventually, his lane partner - LemonGoD - had to leave the lineup due to family issues, and Goose decided to rebuild their bot lane by bringing in a new support and moving their captain Atlanta to the AD carry position. 

As for Xmithie, he agreed to take the hit and make a role swap. And while his team couldn’t get this roster working for the IEM, the Filipino would continue his professional journey as a jungler. 

These were turbulent times, and teams tended to come and go. APictureOfAGoose was no exception. The Goose lineup was acquired by mTw.NA, and Xmithie followed his old teammates to a new home. This wasn’t the end of it, though, and mTw.NA’s roster was later picked up by Monomaniac Ferus, which in turn was bought out by Team FeaR. Throughout all the changes, the former Goose lineup had impressive showings in online tournaments, taking first in several Team SoloMid Invitationals, but struggled to pull through on an actual stage. 

Everything changed when a new organization entered the picture and acquired Team FeaR’s roster to participate in the upcoming NA LCS. That organization was Vulcun. Its story is captured in the incredible "The Rise and Fall of Team Vulcun" documentary:

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