Worlds 2017: Five Questions for Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves represented themselves well on the international stage in 2017, and tore down the LMS Summer Split as its winner. That means four in a row for the Wolves.

That's not a bad road leading up to fighting it out with the best of the best.

But despite their success to this point, the fans have questions for Flash Wolves as they approach the 2017 World Championship. 

Is Rift Rivals still valid?

While Rift Rivals was a massive success being introduced in 2017, and Flash Wolves proved themselves on the international stage by taking down the tournament's third place, just barely falling 2-3 in the end, is it still representative of anything?

Rift Rivals was not so long ago in the grand scheme of things, but you'd be surprised how much League of Legends changes in such a short period.

With a new meta, new balancing around champions, and plenty more up in the air, the fans want to know. Is the team's success at Rift Rivals still valid?

How competitive is the LMS?

Flash Wolves have ripped down their local competition in the LMS for two straight dominant Split victories in 2017. While that bodes well for the team going into the 2017 World Championship, facing international competition once again begs the question.

How competitive is the LMS on the world stage?

Which junglers can Karsa control?

Karsa is perhaps the most important component of this Flash Wolves squad, and the 20 year old holding down the jungle has earned every bit of the praise put on him.

And with dominant performance during the 2017 Splits as well as on the international stage at both Rift Rivals and the MSI, Karsa seems like a top of the pack jungler even amongst the best of League of Legends.

But at the end of the day, it'll only matter if Karsa can convert his advantage to victory, so the fans want to know.

Which junglers can Karsa control?

Will TSM be a problem?

Flash Wolves are no stranger to NA LCS champion Team SoloMid, despite being in entirely different competitions all year. That's because the two standouts have already met in 2017 on the international stage, and with plenty on the line. 

At the MSI, Flash Wolves knocked TSM out of the tournament in a tiebreaker series. It seemed like Flash Wolves smoothly conquered the best of North America.

But that was a different TSM, at a different time. And with the game being in quite a different state and TSM closing out the NA LCS Summer Split stacking yet another banner, the fans need to know. 

Will TSM be a problem in Group D?

Can SwordArt carry from support?

While Karsa deserves plenty individual praise on this successful Flash Wolves lineup, plenty must be award to its incredible support SwordArt, who as well is only 20 years old. 

SwordArt has impressed on the biggest stages for awhile now, and the Summer Split was certainly no different story. Where pieces of the Flash Wolves puzzle slumped in periods of the season, SwordArt was a consistent source of strength the team drew from to secure its fourth LMS championship in a row.

But on the World Championship stage, can SwordArt do enough from support to keep Flash Wolves moving forward?

Did we miss something? Let us know what you think of Flash Wolves on the 2017 World Championship stage in the comments below!

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