When does League of Legends Season 13 start?

League of Legends Season 13

League of Legends Season 13

The long-lasting king of MOBAs and a staple in video games, League of Legends, is about to welcome yet another season—Season 13.

Every year, League of Legends introduces a new season. First welcomed via a preseason—which gives players time to acclimate prior to the new season beginning—seasons bring changes and tons of new content that keep the game fresh and updated.

That won't be any different for Season 13 as it will be introduced with preseason and later on, a fully-fledged release, with Summoner's Rift-changing content.

With that being said, here's when the League of Legends Season 13 starts.

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When does League of Legends Season 13 start?

There is still no information regarding Season 13's launch, however, we can expect the new season to go live in early January 2023.

League of Legends Season 13
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Credit: Riot Games
ANOTHER YEAR, ANOTHER SEASON: Season 13 hits the live servers in 2023

Going by past season launches, Riot normally starts the season the second week of January. That would put the possible release date at around Tuesday, January 10, 2023. This date is subject to change, of course.

League of Legends Season 13, as opposed to other past seasons, won't be making wide-swathing changes, however, it'll still introduce new content and features that will surely change up the Summoner's Rift.

In the new season, a new and improved Chemtech Drake will make its return back from the dead, the Jungle will be changed, receiving pets, tweaks to the camps' ranges, and introducing buff sharing. Additionally, there will be more options in the Ping Wheel, changes to Vision and Warding, increased XP in the Top Lane, new items, and much more.

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