Top 4 one man armies of 2017

In League of Legends, solo carrying is a lost art form. Gone are the season 3 days when a talented player could overwhelm his opponents and completely take over the game. Now, League of Legends has turned into a team game, and there are clear limitations to what a single individual can accomplish.

But for every rule, there are always exceptions. Here are 4 players that single-handedly carry their teams to victory in 2017!

4. Jensen

Wait, what? Shouldn’t this be Bjergsen? Well, not exactly.

It’s true that Jensen has lost the 2017 Summer Split MVP race to his fellow Dane. But when it comes to pure carry potential, few players can match him. While other mid laners adopted a team-oriented approach by playing around teamfights and roam timings, Jensen has always put a strong emphasis on laning and mechanical outplays.

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