The 5 Best League of Legends Featured Game Modes in 2022

Riot Games have to keep up with a very competitive market with their MOBA, League of Legends. Because of this, the featured game mode for the game changes often and can include new modes too.

However, with changes comes opinion. And we all know that the League of Legends community has a lot of opinions. Riot has released fourteen featured game modes over the span of the game, but only five of them have stood out as the best on this list.

So, let's look at the best game modes in League of Legends. From what they are, to how they work, we will rank them to fit into the top five.

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5) Ascension featured game mode

Ascension was the game mode which started the trend of featured game modes. Additionally, it was the very first of its kind and came out in September 2014.

League of Legends Ascension
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Set in Shurima, the Crystal Scar map was never used again by Riot Games. This is a shame as it really was a beautiful place to play. However, summoners would teleport their champions into the map and could not back to buy items until they died. Xerath sits in the centre as the ancient ascendant and killing him gives champions the ascension buff.

The aim of the game was to reach 200 points. This could be done by...

  • Killing an enemy champion (1 point)
  • Killing an ascended enemy champion (2 points)
  • Claiming a relic of Shurima (3 points)
  • Killing an ascended champion (5 points)
  • Killing the ancient ascendant (5 points)

4) Hexakill featured game mode

Hexakill was also an early featured game mode. It was released in January 2015. This game mode could be played on Summoner's Rift or the Twisted Treeline and let six champions enter the field.

Hexakill from League of Legends
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As the name implies, the point of this game was to get a hexakill. That is, getting all of the enemy team killed in a short period of time. People enjoyed this game mode as they could experiment with new positions on the map. Having all six mid was a personal favourite of the community.

3) Nexus Blitz game mode

Nexus Blitz first made its way into the League of Legends in August 2018. The map design was totally unique and let there be two junglers, one midlaner, and two in the bottom lane.

Nexus Blitz from League of Legends
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The game would feature smaller events such as King of the Hill, Push the Cart, and Prize Fight. All of which added a new playstyle to the game which kept summoners on their toes.

2) Doombots of Doom game mode

Probably the goofiest game mode out there. Doombots of Doom made a team of five play against overpowered AI. There were 21 bots which were randomised for each game and had some dangerous abilities.

Teemo from League of Legends
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An example of this was with Annie. She would automatically launch her Q ability which was sent in a circle around her. Additionally, when Annie would die, Tibbers would automatically be sent out. The game concluded with a devil Teemo who would storm towards the nexus.

1) Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game mode

URF is one of the most popular game modes in the League of Legends. April Fools day 2014 saw URF be released for the first time. The premise of the game is to spam abilities and items which leaves a constant stream of chaos.

League of Legends URF
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This game mode is the most popular as it has been re-released the most out of all of these games. Additionally, there are even skin lines based on the mode. Urfwick and Urf the Nami-tee are some of the best out there.

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