T1 and G2's Esports History and Rivalry

T1 and G2 have been rivals since the MSI in 2016. With the majority of their games wavering between wins, it can be clear to see that both teams have tremendous skill in League of Legends.

Both teams have various win streaks leading up to tournaments such as the lead up to MSI 2022 which found both teams having no losses.

This European and Korean based team are an entertaining watch for any esports fan due to the similarity in their skills that leave their games tense.

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T1 History

The T1 team are best known for their wins at Worlds in 2013, 2015, and 2016. They are also well known for including the very influential esports competitor, Faker.

T1 roster for 2022
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Being giants in the esports world started with their first win in the LCK 2015 Spring Split, where they set their reputation as one of the most powerful esports teams around.

G2 History

G2's history dates back to Spain 2014 when a former League of Legends competitor decided to set up his own team.

After qualifying for the 2016 EU LCS spring split, they decided to rename themselves from Gamers2 to G2. A very similar format to their rivals, T1.

G2 roster for 2022
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G2's history was not as simple as T1 who excelled to fame fast, they failed to qualify for LCS splits three times in a row. A blow to the ego for sure.

T1 and G2 Rivalry in MSI 2022

Despite the clear difference in their start-ups. G2 has risen to be on the same playing field as T1. To even be a rival to a team with a successful start shows the growth they have gone through.

G2 and T1 face each other in the MSI 2022. This match has been anticipated for a long time, especially since the 2019 MSI. The match against G2 and T1 saw G2 defeat T1 in the semi-finals, they then went on to win the whole tournament.

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For G2 fans, this match will prove to put T1 in their place once again and assert dominance over the years-long rivalry. For T1, it poses the idea that they could win over their long sought after rivalry and gain that win of MSI 2022.

With both teams training hard to excel and defeat one another, it cannot be speculated who will win. But I'm sure that fans of either team will say the same thing.

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