SKT T1 vs RNG: 2017 Worlds Semifinals preview, prediction & live stream

SKT T1 are entering this series after a hard-fought victory against Misfits. Their early game continues being a glaring weakness, and while they can bounce back with late game teamfights, we can’t help but think this is the shakiest iteration of SKT yet. Combine that with the evident hole in the jungle, and SKT losing at Worlds seems like a very realistic prospect.

Royal Never Give Up have also had some shaky games against Fantic. Their trademark high-tempo playstyle was nowhere to be seen, and the only times they could truly outclass Europe’s #3 seed was in 5v5s. Still, a part of this downswing had to be due to Uzi’s sickness, and we expect RNG to show up much stronger in the Semifinals. 

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