Mr Beast Teases Fans About Creating his own League of Legends Tournament

Esports has received major attention from celebrities over the past few years. With footballers owning their own esports team, to Snoop Dogg owning Faze. The industry is waiting for that next celebrity endorsement.

MrBeast, "Jimmy Donaldson", a popular YouTuber, has dreamed of owning his own esports team for a while. Specifying in League of Legends, he has taken to Twitter multiple times expressing his love for the game and the industry itself.

However, on June 10 this became more concrete as he stated he may be setting up his own tournament.

The tweets

There have been multiple tweets coming from the YouTube's star official Twitter account. The first was in 2020 when he first played the game and quickly made a tweet about his experience.

He later commented and said, "One of my goals in life is to own a league team one day".

Despite no developments on this, his recent Tweet on June 10 stated that he would like to set up his own tournament. Watch out LEC and LCS, Donaldson is comin' for ya.

The reaction from his fans spurred many conversations in the comments. Mr Beast even replied to himself calling Ninja out with "also @Ninja sucks".

Fan reactions

Due to the number of crazy things that MrBeast does for views, the reaction to his Tweet was pretty tame. Multiple fans nominated themselves for the tournaments whilst others didn't find it exciting at all.

It can be understandable that fans had this reaction if they aren't interested in League of Legends. But LoL fans are gathering excitement as we wait for the new tournament.

What could the tournament be called? The Beasties? Beast Championships? MrBeast, hit me up if you want more ideas.

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