LoLdle Quote August 16: Answers, Hints, Tips & More

LoLdle is the latest trend with Riot Games fans and players. Additionally, the League of Legends-themed wordle is beginning to gain popularity amongst everyone.

The web-based guessing game was inspired by Wordle. However, popularity for this game mode is still gaining and it looks like this version may even be bigger than the inspiration. This is all within a few weeks since release as well. What a way to educate and have fun!

So, let's take a look at the splash game mode for August 16 2022.

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What is the LoLdle Quote mode?

The quote game mode of LoLdle is a little trickier than the classic mode. Players must guess the champion by the quote which is displayed.

If players are struggling with this one, then after 5 guesses, an audio clip will be played. This gives players another opportunity and makes the whole process easier.

LoLdle Quote Hint for August 16

This champion has a history all over Runeterra and has many iterations of a similar story. They take no physical form but can still terrify everyone with the disadvantage of bumping into them.

Quote Answer for August 16

LoLdle quote answer
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The quote for today is "See? It's just a scarecrow.". So, obviously, the answer for this one is Fiddlesticks. The creepy backstory of this quote is that Fiddle often steals the voices of his victims and mimics them.

LoLdle Quote Tips

This game mode is one of the trickier ones of the four. It requires more knowledge of the League of Legends and cannot really be guessed at.

However, taking a look at champions design may provide hints to the quote. For instance, Kog'Maw is known for eating everything. And the quote today mentions a feast. So, guesses like Tahm Kench, and Cho'Gath are brilliant here.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates for the quote game mode.

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