LoLdle Ability August 16: Answers, Hints, Tips & More

LoLdle is a popular trend with Riot Games fans and players. Additionally, the League of Legends-themed wordle is beginning to gain popularity amongst everyone.

The web-based guessing game was inspired by Wordle. However, popularity for this game mode is still gaining and it looks like this version may even be bigger than the inspiration. This is all within a few weeks since release as well. What a way to educate and have fun!

So, let's take a look at the splash game mode for August 16 2022.

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What is the LoLdle Ability mode?

The ability game mode is probably the trickiest of them all. Players will get an image of an ability and must guess the champion that it belongs to.

After four tries, a hint will be given to the player. This will help guide the player to that champion's name.

LoLdle Ability Hint for August 16

This champion recently came out in the Pride 2022 event. Their relationship with another champion had been contested for some time but was then made cannon by Riot Games. The mystery champion also caused a scene when they were depicted smoking. This was later removed from the game.

Ability Answer for August 16

LoLdle ability answer
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The ability shown in the icon art today is for Graves, the Outlaw. His W ability, Smoke Screen is shown. This is where Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area creating a cloud of smoke that reduces sight range. Enemies caught in the initial impact are dealt magic damage and have their Move Speed reduced briefly.

LoLdle Ability Tips

This game mode is another awkward one. Having game knowledge is really the key to knowing which champion this ability belongs to. However, you can also take a good guess by looking at the ability design too.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates for the quote game mode.

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