UPDATED - Lol Worlds 2022 Quarter Finals: All Qualified Teams

Worlds 2022 cover

Worlds 2022 cover

League of Legends Worlds has been a spectacle to behold for League fans. The group stage has now concluded, and the victors are advancing to the all-important knockout stage, to compete in best-of-5s.

Teams that did well in week one have fallen, and many unexpected teams have risen to the occasion. Here's everyone that's still in contention for the Summoner's Cup.

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LATEST - Group D Qualified Teams - RNG and GenG

Group D was an unfortunate draw for 100 Thieves and CFO. RNG and GenG have barely looked contested, save for a solid effort by 100T against RNG in week 2 that went the distance.

While RNG got the upper hand early in the head to head, with a victory in week 1, week 2 didn't go to plan. GenG were able to tie up the score with a hard fought victory, and would go on to win the tiebreaker in convincing fashion.

Xiaohu's Sylas and Doran's Camille were the heroes of the day, with Doran finally showing how oppressive the pick can be in the hands of a master. GenG take the 1st seed heading into the Worlds Quarter-Finals Draw.

Group C Qualified Teams - DRX and Rogue

Group C has been a mess at Worlds this year. Week 1 certainly went to plan for Rogue, ending the week 3-0 and all but cementing themselves in quarters. DRX were not far behind on 2-1, but Top Esports, tournament favourites to many, collapsed, with a 1-2 score line.

As Week 2 hit, Rogue were able to pick up the Victory against GAM that put them into the next round, but fell quickly after that. DRX continued to be a standout, taking the Group after winning the tiebreaker against Rogue.

After being eliminated, Top Esports revived, winning two and putting them agonisingly close to contention. The day was full of bizarre picks, including Heimerdinger, Syndra, and Nasus supports, and was a spectacle to behold.

Group B Qualified Teams: JD Gaming and Damwon

Worlds Group B was never one that looked close. Coming in, many expected G2 to be able to contest the top spots, and even EG has looked promising at times, but in the end, DK and JDG were never contested.

Both teams have looked World Class, but in the head-to-head, JDG definitely have the edge. Damwon are excellent when they can play to their strengths: Deokdam safe on Aphelios with a support that can peel, Canyon on a carry.

JDG worlds 2022
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JDG's strength though is in their adaptability. 369 showed us in the tiebreaker that he can take over the game solo, but has also displayed engage and peel on tanks. Hope can reliably step up in the late game, even when he's been put behind early.

Yagao and Kanavi are also happy to step up on carries when required, Yagao excels on Sylas, and Kanavi on Viego. This will put them in excellent stead for Worlds Knockout best-of-5s, where they can display multiple styles.

Group A Qualified Teams: T1 and EDG

Fnatic put up a great fight in week 1, taking down T1, but after their collapse in Week 2 the top two was clear. EDG have looked very clean against Fnatic and Cloud 9, all their games were almost flawless, but T1 was too high a montain to climb.

T1 look on their way back to the glory days. Faker has topped his group every time he's attended Worlds, and this time was no different. Him and Oner have looked unmatched as a mid-jungle duo, able to playmake and soak pressure as required.

T1 Worlds 2022
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Zeus and Keria deserve even more credit. Zeus finally showing he can excel on carries, in Fiora and GangPlank, has truly been a sight to behold. Keria too has showcased a variety of skills, his Soraka being a key factor against EDG in the game to decide 1st seed in Worlds groups.

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