URF is BACK in League of Legends Update 11.19

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In League of Legends, Ultra Rapid Fire mode first started as an April Fool's joke. Now, it's one of the most exciting game modes despite only staying around for a limited time, and thanks to LoL 11.19 - URF is back!

The new edition of URF will be part of patch 11.19, the last update prior to Worlds 2021. Let's check the details.

Release Date

The LoL 11.19 update went live on September 22nd, but URF likely won't be in-game until September 23rd.

What is URF?

This very popular game mode takes place two times a year.

As the name describes, it is a battle where champions have extremely reduced cooldowns and a way to teleport to the battle in the form of a Catapult. Mana and Energy also regenerate to the point where players can spam abilities non-stop.

URF battles still take place on Summoner's Rift, but they're far from a normal game.

In this mode, players can pick any champions they like. Nonetheless, being a very fast game mode, those champions performing better in the early game have a clear advantage.

Our recommendation is to have as much fun as you can, as it certainly isn't well balanced to any degree (nor should it be, really).

The mode will run during the entire duration of Worlds 2021 and come back to rest after the Finals - so don't miss your chance to try it out!

URF 2021 Tweaks

This edition of URF will bring a new balancing strategy, regarding champion adjustments.

  • In previous URF, nerfed shielding was based only on champion ability shield ratios.
  • With new champions being added to the game since the last URF edition, Riot decided to nerf shield across all champions consistently.
    • Shield reduction for all champions will be reduced by 30%
  • Minion Gold in URF has been adjusted as well.
    • URF Caster Minion Gold Base 21 gold ⇒ 19.6 gold (14 gold in SR)
    • URF Melee Minion Gold Base 27 gold ⇒ 29.4 gold (21 gold in SR)
    • URF Siege Minion Base Gold 100 gold ⇒ 84 gold (60 gold in SR)
  • URF historically aimed to adjust champions to get an ideal 50% win rate. From now on, the adjustment of champions for URF and future modes will aim to be closer to their actual SR classic win rates instead. This means for champions in the "meta" - changes won't be made to lasso them back to a 50% win rate.

This new balancing strategy will mean more unbalanced URF play than ever before, and while that may be terrifying, it's also perfectly in the spirit of the chaotic and whimsical fun game mode.

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