LoL Empyrean Skins REVEALED in New Trailer

League of Legends Empyrean Skin

League of Legends Empyrean Skin

League of Legends has gotten more destructive as a brand-new skin line has been revealed via a trailer. Welcome, Empyrean: the beautiful destruction.

Initially leaked a few months ago, the Empyrean skin line finally has some faces to it, eight of them, in fact.

WATCH NOW: LoL Empyrean Trailer Shows Off New Skins

Introducing the brand-new skins is the League of Legends Empyrean trailer. The video showcases the new line's beautiful look while proudly boasting its destructive nature.

Thanks to his insatiable lust for power, Pyke sets on a self-destructive mission that leads to him recruiting other champions for his cause.

The description of the line reads as follows:

"Driven by the burning power of the Foreglow and an endless need for revenge, Pyke hunts down other versions of himself across realms. After each kill, the realm collapses, and a new Empyrean is born with volatile powers from the Foreglow and a mission all their own."

All of the eight champions participating in the line get their own time in the limelight. From showing off their elegant dark-colored theming with bright neon-like accents to the unique animations that put it all together.

The line takes on a more gloomy color palette, using an abundance of darker colors such as black, purple, and darker versions of blue. It also draws similarities from the Dark Star Guardians line when it comes to its effects, further adding to the idea of chaos and doom.

League of Legends players should expect the new Empyrean line to hit the shop come Thursday, November 3, 2022, the day after patch 12.21 releases. There's no official word when it comes to pricing, but as always, players can expect these skins to hit the 1350 RP mark, with some of them possibly reaching 1820 RP.

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