LoL 13.6 Skins - Faerie Court Line, Ashen Guardian Shen, Prices & More

Faerie Court Karma

Faerie Court Karma

League of Legends is set to receive yet another update, the LoL 13.6 patch. As always, with a new update comes a brand-new set of skins.

When it comes to the LoL 13.6 skins players can expect the brand-new Faerie Court Line, bringing a new and unique look to League of Legends, and an addition to the Ashen Knight line with Ashen Guardian Shen.

Here's what you can expect from the new skins in LoL 13.6.

New Faerie Court line and Ashen Knight skin arrive for LoL 13.6

Introducing a never before seen look to the Summoner's Rift is the brand-new Faerie Court skin line. In addition to the new line, the Ashen Knight line will be receiving yet another addition.

It'll be a whopping total of eight skins—nine counting a Prestige Edition of one of the Faerie Court skins.

Faerie Court 2023

The Faerie Court line brings out the brightest and the most colorful, coating a total of seven champions in glowing and radiant colors. From butterfly wings to everything that means to be a fairy, it's an entirely unique look, one that has yet to be seen in League of Legends.

Champions such as Karma, Kalista, Ezreal, Seraphine, Fiora, Katarina, and the newly releasing Milio, will be doused in vivid and radiant features and hues. Additionally, Katarina will be receiving a Prestige Edition of her skin.

It is expected that most of the skins will cost 1350 RP with Karma's skin priced at 1820 RP. Katarina's Prestige Edition, like others before it, is expected to cost ME or Event Tokens.

Here are their animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

Faerie Court Milio

Faerie Queen Karma

Faerie Court Ezreal

Faerie Court Fiora

Faerie Court Katarina

Prestige Faerie Court Katarina

Faerie Court Kalista

Faerie Court Seraphine

Ashen Guardian Shen 2023

Also set to join League of Legends with the LoL 13.6 update is another addition to the Ashen Knight skin line, Ashen Guardian Shen.

Joining the likes of Pyke, Sylas, Pantheon, and others before it, the new Ashen Guardian Shen skin takes similar dark colors and hues. In contrast to past Ashen skins, though, Ashen Guardian Shen is more accentuated in its visual effects.

Ashen Guardian Shen will be priced at 100 ME (Mythic Essence). The skin also comes with a chroma priced at 40 ME.

Here are its animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

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