LoL 12.6: Rengar Rework FINALLY arriving in next update

After numerous announcements, Rengar's highly-anticipated rework is finally hitting League of Legends in patch 12.6.

With 159 champions hitting the Summoner's Rift every day, League of Legends has plenty of different styles that players can enjoy. But sometimes, these styles can get old, forcing Riot to rework or update them. That's where the Rengar rework comes in.

Rengar's highly-awaited rework arrives in patch 12.6

The ferocious one-eyed cat has been on the receiving end of rocky play in recent years, as he posts a pick rate of 2.2% across all ladders according to This can largely be attributed to League of Legends' constant progression and Rengar's lack thereof.

Once Season 12 rolled around, it was made worse as the addition of Chemtech Drake made Rengar even more obsolete. Fortunately for him, Riot gave him buffs to counteract that by just removing Chemtech Drake altogether.

But even with the minor buff and the removal of Chemtech Drake haven't shined a light on the champion who lurks in the shadows. However, after a number of attempts, it's finally getting implemented in patch 12.6.

LoL 12.6 Rengar rework
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Credit: Riot Games
SHARP: Rengar looks to sharpen his claws once again

According to Riot Phlox, Rengar's getting all of his abilities except his W looked at. Here's what they look like:

Unseen Predator (P)

  • [MODIFIED]: When Rengar has no ferocity his next leap generates 1 ferocity.
  • Ferocity Falloff Time: 8 sec ⇒ 10 sec
  • Bonetooth Foregiveness Timer: 3 sec ⇒ 1.5 sec
  • Timing on ability to leap from brush is no longer variable by up to 0.25 sec
    • Range increased 25 to adjust
  • Jump Height: Slightly increased
  • Uses secondary resource bar for stacks, shows which stack came from leap

Savagery (Q)

  • Always counts as a critical strike, critical strike chance scales damage
    • Currently: 1% crit chance = 1 damage
  • Works on towers

Bola Strike (E)

  • [NEW]: No cast time when leaping
  • [NEW]: Reveals enemies for 2 seconds

R Reveal

  • Just the Unit ⇒ small area around the unit

The changes to his Q, so it will now always be a critical strike, with increased damage scaling on his crit chance, meaning that Rengar won't need to hit 100% crit chance every game. Additionally, with it being usable on towers, it increases his power as a top laner.

"The Q crit changes are so that when playing low % Crit Rengar you're not just yolo hoping for a crit to be successful, and left out to dry if you don't get that 20/40%," said Riot Phlox on Twitter.

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His E will no longer have a cast time when leaping and will reveal enemies hit for 2 seconds. For a champion that lacks follow-up after his ultimate is used or there are no brushes near him, this is a much-needed change to stick to his targets more easily.

Lastly, his ultimate will include a small area around your target, allowing for other options or choices when pulling the trigger.

All of these Rengar changes come in League of Legends patch 12.6. As for if these buffs will elevate Rengar out of the shadows, only time will tell.

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