LoL 12.20 Skins: Bewitching Line, Three Honors Malzahar, Prices & Animations

LoL 12.20 Skins Bewitching Neeko

LoL 12.20 Skins Bewitching Neeko

Introduced to the League of Legends' 12.20 patch cycle is a batch of six brand-new skins.

Mainly all to do with Halloween theming, the skins look to celebrate the spooky month of October. These include five new additions to the Bewitching skin line and a new standalone skin for Malzahar.

Here's what you can expect from the new skins in LoL 12.20.

New Bewitching and Three Kings Malzahar skins arrive for LoL 12.20

Keeping up with the tradition of creating new Halloween-themed skins every year, the developers over at Riot Games have come up with some more spooky skins.

In addition, they gave Malzahar his own standalone skin, fit for the Prophet of the Void and honorable players alike.

Bewitching Skins 2022

In time to celebrate the scary season is a set of five brand-new skins joining the Bewitching skin line whereupon champions such as Anivia, Senna, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, and Neeko take on their best witchy look.

These five witches will be donning some attire perfect for the October month as they are covered from head to toe in all things Halloween. From Cassiopeia and LeBlanc's pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns to Anivia and Neeko ditching their original forms in favor of some hair-raising looks never before seen for the champions, they are all sure to fit into haunting holiday quite nicely.

That's not all as all of these skins are to be topped with every dark color, hue, and theme associated with the holiday, while also receiving their own set of animations and visual effects, further emphasizing the ever-so-wicked look with some spine-chilling sound effects to boot.

All of these scary skins are will be priced at 1350 RP each.

Here are their animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

Bewitching Anivia

Bewitching Senna

Bewitching Cassiopeia

Bewitching LeBlanc

Bewitching Neeko

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Three Honors Malzahar 2022

Separating itself from the Halloween theming is an anticipated skin solely given out to the most honorable of players at the end of the year.

As a reward for the Honor System in League of Legends, players will be appointed skins from the exclusive Three Honors line. First up, is Malzahar.

This is the first time the developers over at Riot have tried something like this as although they've done something similar for players who reach gold every season, a snazzy skin reward for good behavior is unprecedented.

This skin will be free of charge, all players need to do is reach Honor Level 5.

Here are its animations courtesy of SkinSpotlights.

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