LoL Xayah and Rakan Recall Removed and Fans Aren't Happy

League of Legends Xayah and Rakan have had their joint recall ability removed from the game in their most recent skin line, Broken Covenant.

This decision not only affects the current skin but also future skins as Riot Games scraps the ability.

The excitement for these new gothic skins has been pretty intense but brought down a whole load with this realisation.

So, players in the community have been discussing this move from Riot Games and think it removes some of their charm.

Additionally, this unique ability for both of them helps to cement their relationship and the strengths that come from playing together.

However, with the current state of League of Legends, Riot may have made a bad move when it comes to keeping fans happy.

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Xayah and Rakan are Better Together

Xayah and Rakan's recall ability was a crucial and exciting part of their release when they were announced.

The couple could recall together and have a new animation which flung them high in the sky and back to base.

The exciting part of their recall is that if one of the duo started to recall earlier, the other could join the recall later and then recall faster.

Not only was the recall a great feature for gameplay, but it also looked damn cute too.

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League of Legends Fans Reactions to the Bizarre Change

The League of Legends community are outraged by this removal from Riot Games and there is much discussion about this.

In the r/LeaguePBE, aroushthekween made a thread about this decision from the gaming giants.

The general frustration has been made worse by the fact that Riot has not directly addressed this.

Xayah and Rakan petition
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Fans of the dynamic League of Legends duo, Xayah and Rakan, have even made a petition for Riot to revert these changes.

So far, this petition has 1,961 signatures with a target of 2,500.

Given this was only posted five hours ago, this is a great step toward changing this decision.

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