League of Legends World's 2022: Location, Details, and More

The 2021 League of Legends World's event was pushed back to this year to account for the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this two-year wait, the hype for this World's is double the size.

The event will take place all around northern America, stopping at many places where typical esports events have taken place before.

But what are the details for the event? We look at the location, event details and more about World's this year.

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The League of Legends World's location announcement

David Higdon, the head of communications at Riot Games stated the location details in a Twitter post. The event moves all the way from San Francisco to Atlanta, eventually ending in San Francisco.

Despite the announcement of more details being released soon, the League of Legends fans were not excited.

Many had heard that the finals would be held in Toronto but these plans had to be changed. The effects of the covid pandemic meant that it had to be changed to Atlanta last minute. Travel restrictions forced Riot to change the location.

However, Riot Global Head of LoL Esports Naz Aletaha stated that "We look forward to bringing a major LoL Esports event there (Toronto) in the future."

Event Details

League of Legends World's Championships usually start in October and end in November. The whole event usually takes around a month of games for all of the teams. However, these are estimations as we don't have official information just yet.

At the moment, no teams have qualified for World's, but as this develops, this article will be updated with the latest news in the esports scene.

Unfortunately, the schedule for World's also hasn't been released. But as we have around four months until the event, the wait for this information should not be long.

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