League of Legends World Champion Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession

The League of Legends Worlds championship saw Invictus take the trophy with their final game against Fnatic being a nail-biter. Since then, the team have taken part in regular training and is still competing. Controversy surrounding Lau "Kurtis" "Toyz" Wai Kin began back in September 2021 when he was arrested for drug trafficking and possession.

Since then, Toyz has been keeping a low profile which has recently been broken as he pleaded guilty for these charges.

Toyz arrest in 2021

The Taiwan police arrested Toyz on suspicion of drug trafficking and intent to sell. His well-known image was deeply destroyed by this arrest and his win at Worlds 2018 was overwritten by this charge.

Toyz photo
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After procuring a search warrant, the police found marijuana in his residence. He was detained shortly after and as intent to sell is a serious offence in Taiwan, the odds were not in his favour.

His guilty plead

On Jun. 16, 2022, Toyz appeared before the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office. The former pro player apologized and urged the public to steer clear of drugs.

He stated that he felt under pressure after coming out of a rehabilitation centre and wished he never had any contact with any drug. His lawyer asked the court to consider the different laws than what he is used to.

Toyz at the Worlds Championship 2018
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Discussion from other esports professionals and streamers have rallied in support of the former professional player. Hsieh Ho-hsien showed support for Toyz after his arrest. As an avid marijuana smoker, he posted a video of him smoking. He has also been in trouble multiple times in regard to this.

After his guilty plea, it is unclear as to what his punishments will be. His arrest shows the seriousness that drugs have not only on someone's career, but their life.

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