League of Legends Viego Champion Rundown: Lore, Abilities, Rune Paths and More

Viego is one of the strongest junglers in the League of Legends meta right now. His lore is filled with sadness as he avenges his wife's death, but his playstyle is very different.

However, the aggressive jungler turns his sad history into his strength as he strongly beats down opponents. Heartbreak is his aesthetic and he pulls it off well with his billowing Black Mist that covers everything.

But, let's take a look at the champion so we can get to know him on a deeper level.

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Viego lore

Viego's lore history goes from riches to ruins. Once the king of Camavor, Viego and his queen had a brilliant life running the kingdom. His happy life turned sour as his wife passed away with a knife that was intended for him.

Viego and Isolde from League of Legends
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After that, Viego started to neglect his duties as a king which led Camavor to turn into the League of Legends Shadow Isles. His attempt to bring his wife back to life was the final straw. It triggered the Ruination and he now lives as an undead wraith.

His search for his wife led him to the League of Legends. This is where he scours Runeterra, desperate to bring her back to life.

Viego abilities

Passive, Sovereign's Domination - Viego posesses enemy League of Legends champions that he kills. He heals for a portion of their max health and takes their items, abilities and more. He also gains another cast of his ultimate ability.

Q, Blade of the Ruined King - Viego's attacks deal a per cent of the target's current health as bonus on-hit damage. If Viego has recently hit an enemy, the attack happens twice. The second strike takes health from the target to give to Viego. This can also apply on-hit and even crit.

Viego HUD from League of Legends
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W, Spectral Maw - Viego charges and dashes forward. This blasts Black Mist that stuns and damages. Charge time increases damage and dash range.

E, Harrowed Path - Viego spreads Black Mist around a wall. When travelling in the mist, Viego becomes camouflaged and gets attack and movement speed.

R, Heartbreaker - Viego discards League of Legends bodies he has possessed and teleports forward. He also attacks the enemy in range with the lowest percentage of health and deals bonus damage based on their missing health. Other enemies are knocked away.

Rune paths

Viego runes cash in on the high damage abilities he has. Running Conqueror is a popular build for the jungler due to his melee auto attacks. Pairing this with Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, and Coup de Grace provides a nice set-up for him.

Viego runes for League of Legends
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Magical Footwear also helps Viego to get ahead and get boots faster. Additionally, Cosmic Insight is great to run on him as he can use his League of Legends abilities faster.

Viego playstyle

Viego's full kit is based around team fights. However, this does not mean he wants them over quickly. The sustain he has with his passive means it's easier for him to have prolonged team fights instead.

Changing forms to champions who are ahead is also brilliant. Additionally, having a good knowledge of League of Legends champions is key. Having this means that Viego can abuse other champions to help himself get ahead.

In summary, playing against a Viego who is ahead is bad news.

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