League of Legends - Who is the Iron Boar?

The trailer release for the Udyr VGU built up the excitement for the League of Legends rework.

However, the new Udyr has now been released in the main game.

Udyr is back and better than ever. With new abilities, a new look and a new playstyle, the journey to victory has become a lot more satisfying..

However, fans are still noticing one character within the artwork who is spiking lots of interest.

The Iron Boar is on every Udyr fan's mind. Is he a new champion? A new part of Udyr's kit?

Everyone is unsure.

So, who is the Iron Boar and will they become a champion? Let's take a look at the information so far.

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Udyr Rework

Udyr's rework has been long-awaited by fans.

With all the excitement from the League of Legends community, it's surprising that fans picked up on a minor detail.

Udyr's new abilities are each focussed on the four demi-gods of Freljord. These are...

  • The Bear - Volibear
  • The Cryophoenix - Anivia
  • The Ram - Ornn
  • The Iron Boar - ?

One of these is not like the others. The iron boar does not currently have a champion in League of Legends assigned to it.

Who is the Iron Boar?

So far, there isn't much official information about the Iron Boar.

Besides the fact that Udyr's reworked W ability is based on him.

However, there is the artwork of the boar figure floating around the internet.

Iron Boar League of Legends
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Perhaps the inclusion of this animal could link to a new Freljord champion joining the League of Legends?

With the number of champions brought out recently, Nilah and Bel'Veth, it seems unlikely that another champion will be brought out so soon.

But, who knows?

Iron Boar fan theories

Reddit user @Nym___ has developed their own analysis of who the Iron Boar is.

The Udyr rework is not the first mention of this Freljord god.

The elixir of Iron in both League of Legends and Wild RIft is a potion which helps with survivability.

And as the Freljord motto is survival, it makes sense that the iron boar would have a similar mindset.

Tryndamere's tribe also worshipped the Iron Boar as an emblem of survivability in the frozen wasteland of Freljord.

Comments on the Reddit thread second the Iron Boar coming to the game too.

It would be great to have another animal-based champion.

Especially from the glorious region which is Freljord. However, we will just have to wait and see.

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