LoL Udyr Rework: Full Details Revealed

The most recent trailer release for the Udyr VGU built up the excitement even more for the League of Legends rework. However, the new Udyr has now been released in the PBE... let's see what's new.

Udyr is back and better than ever. With new abilities, a new look and a new playstyle, the journey to victory are about to become a lot more visceral. Additionally, Riot Games changed a lot whilst still keeping his central image and feel. Players can now use Udyr to show the power and strength behind all the Frejlord landscapes. And most importantly? Get those wins.

So, let's take a look at the full details for the new Udyr VGU rework.

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Udyr is still the most powerful spirit walker alive. However, he can now communicate with Frejlord spirits in order to use their power to fight. He seeks balance through their powers but also seeks balance outside of that. Additionally, Udyr's mission in the League of Legends is to fight to keep peaceful stagnance at bay.

Primal Fear Udyr
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Udyr rework abilities

Udyr new abilities have been changed slightly to appeal to the contemporary League of Legends. However, he is currently sitting with a low pick rate. Maybe these changes in LoL will bolster how many games he is in.

Passive - Bridge Between (Awakened Spirit / Monk Training)

Udyr lol passive
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Udyr has 4 basic ability stances, each related to a Freljodian demigod. Every ~30s he can Awaken his active stance by recasting it to refresh it and gain bonus effects.

After casting (or re-casting) an ability, Udyr next two attacks gain 40% attack speed

Udyr passive lol
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Q - Wilding Claw

Udyr Q
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Udyr goes into Claw Stance. Gives Attack Speed. Next two attacks deal burst damage.

Awakened: Increase attack speed, plus next 2 attacks arc lightning that bounces up to 6 times (can hit the same target multiple times if they are isolated).

W - Iron Mantle

Udyr W lol
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Udyr goes into Mantle Stance. Gain a Shield. Next two attacks restore health.

Awakened: Refresh the shield, stacking. Recover a large amount of maxhealth over 2s.

E - Blazing Stampede

Udyr LoL E
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Udyr goes into Stampede Stance. Gain a burst of movement speed. While in this stance, first attack against each LoL target stuns them.

Awakened: Increase movement speed, gain CC immunity for a brief time.

R - Wingborne Storm

Udyr ultimate ability
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Udyr goes into Storm Stance. Summon a glacial storm, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. Next two attacks increase the storm’s AoE.

Awakened: The storm detaches from Udyr and tracks to the LoL enemy he most recently attacked (and does more damage).

This new version of Udyr will bring a big shift to the jungle meta. Additionally, if Udyr can get himself back to his popularity back in the day, then LoL players should be very scared of him... I can see his ban rate increasing.

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