League of Legends Teases Gangplank Changes

Gangplank is currently stuck in the middle meta of the top lane. He is someone who can be played well and help take the win. But he is also a champion who can suffer to get to that place of comfort in League of Legends.

Riot have noticed him sitting in the murky waters of the middle meta and are looking to update him. Hopefully, to create his presence in the top lane once again.

With Gangplank firmly on the developer's to-do list. The expected changes will definitely be out by the end of this year.

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How do we know this?

League of Legends developer Matt Leung Harrison has made several tweets regarding where GP is sitting right now.

He expressed frustration at the beginning of June as he stated in a tweet "GP being looked at for 12.12 (13?), larger frustration changes and incentives to build crit that aren't damage".

This then developed as he yesterday posted a tweet stating that they have a direction. In true Riot fashion, he said they needed "additional time" to make sure that he comes out and is perfect. Riot is a company that train all employees to be perfectionists, it's great!

Patch 12.13

League of Legends patch will be released in early July 2022. Changes will be coming onto the PBE two weeks before the release date. Summoners who have their PBE account will have the chance to test these changes made and see how they feel about them.

Gangplank on his ship
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Perhaps this is a light at the end of the tunnel for GP. We sure hope so.

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