LoL: Syndra Rework, Ability Updates, Release Date, and More

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League of Legends very own Syndra is getting her own mini-rework where some of her abilities will be changed.

The mini-rework was announced recently by Riot Games. However, the rework will make its way into the live game in a little while.

Syndra is an especially powerful champion in professional play, however, she is not usually seen much in lower ELOs.

These changes will allow her to capitalise more on her burst and make her a stronger damage champion.

So, let's take a look at what changes are coming to League of Legends Syndra's abilities.

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Syndra's mini-rework

Tim Jiang, Games Designer for Riot Games released a tweet which announced that Syndra was already being tested in the PBE.

Elaborating further on the update for Syndra, Tim said...

"the main goals were keep her core gameplay but enhance her passive to open up bigger high moments and real feelings of power upgrades"

So, for us Syndra stans, we should feel grateful that the essence of Syndra is staying the same.

Syndra changed abilities

The full changes found in the PBE are below.

League of Legends SYndra ability
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Transcendent (Passive)

  • Syndra collects up to 120 Splinters via damaging enemy champions and gaining levels. Splinters of Wrath enhance Syndra and her abilities.
  • Syndra restores 20-215 (based on level 1-18) mana whenever she collects a Splinter from an enemy. She can gain Splinters via:
    • Damaging an enemy champion with 2 Abilities within 4 seconds grants (1/2/3 at levels 1, 11, and 18) Splinters (8s CD per target)
    • Levelling up grants Syndra 5 Splinters of Wrath
    • Killing a Cannon minion grants 1 Splinters of Wrath
  • At 120 Splinters, Syndra gains 15% Total AP
  • Ability icons also change with the upgrade

Base Stats

  • Base Health: 593 >>> 563

Dark Sphere (Q)

  • Cooldown: 4s >>> 7s
  • Mana Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 >>> 40/45/50/55/60
  • Sphere Duration: 6s >>> 6.5s
  • 40 Splinters of Wrath: Dark Sphere can store 2 charges (1s CD between casts)

Force of Will (W)

  • Sphere Pickup Detection Radius: 400 >>> 450
  • Now prevents non-Sphere units from dying for a brief period when picked up
  • 60 Splinters of Wrath: Force of Will does an additional 15% (+1.5% per 100 AP) true damage.

Scatter the Weak (E)

  • Magic Damage: 85-265 (+60% AP) >>> 75-235 (+55% AP)
  • Scatter Angle: 34 degrees >>> 56 degrees
  • Cooldown: 18-14s >>> 15s
  • Stun Duration: 1.5s >>> 1.25s
  • Reduced failure chances of close range E>Q combos
  • 80 Splinters of Wrath: Scatter the Weak’s cone is increased (56 deg > 84 deg) and also slows enemies by 70% for 1.25s (applied after initial CC)

Unleashed Power (R)

  • Grant Dark Sphere (Q) an additional 10/20/30 Ability Haste
  • Damage Per Sphere: 90/140/190 (+20% AP) >>> 90/130/170 (+17% AP)
  • 100 Splinters of Wrath: Executes champions below 15% max health

Syndra mini rework release date

As of September 20 2022, Syndra's rework is in the PBE for testing by PBE players.

Syndra from League of Legends
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The update to the full game is supposed to hit in patch 12.19. This is released on October 5 2022.

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